Wednesday, July 09, 2008

money: the root

I'm currently reading Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. It was a wedding present along with a few other Christian marriage books. I love new books and this one is no exception. Early into the book it tells a rabbinical tale of how the location of the temple was determined. It's a great illustration. We know God by our outpouring of love onto others. Anyways, here's the story.

Two brothers worked a common field and a common mill. Each night they divided whatever grain they had produced and each took his portion home. One brother was single and one was married with a large family. The single brother decided that his married brother, with all those kids, certainly needed more grain that he did, so at night he secretly crept over to his brother's granary and gave him an extra portion. The married brother realized that his single brother didn't have any children to care for him in his old age. Concerned about his brother's future, he got up each night and secretly deposited some grain in his single brother's granary. One night they met halfway between the two granaries, and each brother realized what the other was doing. They embraced, and as the story goes, God witnessed what happened and said, "this is a holy place- a place of love- and it is here that my temple shall be built." the holy place is that spot where God is made known to his people," the place where human beings discover each other in love."

I just like that story. It gives me happiness inside.

I am not super worried about being green. I feel like it's just another fad to make people money and isn't saving the planet any more than watching TV. But I do get sad when I see the commercials about the pandas and polar bears who are dying out. I almost call the toll free numbers to donate money and get my free earth friendly tee. Then I remember that their are dying children out there. Human beings! And I wanted to give money to a big animal that would eat me or sit on me? I sponsor a little boy in Ethiopia right now and have for about 10 years or so, but when I have a more steady income (or when I am employed at all) I want to start sponsoring another child. These children could very easily die in their poor villages. I think that's a better use of tithing money than a new church roof. And it is much better than sending money to the animals, where does that money go to? If the environment is ceasing to provide for these creatures then my money won't build a new environment. Life in a zoo isn't very much better than hard reality in nature.

I am a selfish person. Here I am in my air conditioned house, and I want a new car in the next 5 years and to make a downpayment on a starter house or even our permanent house. And people are dying all around the world. I need to rethink my priorities.

It's 9:03 and I think I'm going to bed! I'm not even 21 yet and my bedtime is at the same time as my 7 year old nephew! Pathetic.

Sweet dreams.

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