Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's funny how friendships work. I have this one friend who was once my very best friend in the whole world, hands down. This friend probably was the only person I've ever felt that heart and soul, everything I have, all or nothing, tell all my secrets to, call any time of the day or night closeness with... as far as friendship goes. Matthew doesn't count- he's in a league all of his own. So anyways, this friend and I had some sort of a falling out a little while ago. I'm not exactly sure what happened... but we just suddenly weren't friends anymore. And yes, it broke my heart a little bit. But eventually I figured it was time to move on with life. You can't force people to be friends with you just because you're not quite finished being friends with them. It's been nearly three full years since I've last talked to this friend or had any form of contact whatsoever. Most days I do pretty good. I would even go so far as to say I forget about that friendship on the typical day. Life just moves on like that. But then today... oh today was one of those days when one little thing reminded me of what once was. And I have to ask myself, yet again for the umpteenth time, what happened? How can friendship just up and end one day with no explanation. After years of being close. Years of secrets no one else knows to this day. (on my end at least) Years of being best friends. I still wonder. Oh well. I'm graduated from college now and married. A lot has changed in my life. One less friend shouldn't be the end of the world. But it still hurts my heart a little bit.

The Dark Knight premieres tonight at midnight. We considered getting tickets. But decided we'd just go tomorrow during the day. I'll most likely be ready for bed around midnight. And I don't want exhaustion getting in the way of this show! So excited. Sure, Heath Ledger might freak me out a little... but it should be worth it.

Huge prayer request. A new and far better job than I ever could have imagined has been placed in my lap. I was asked if I was interested by someone in the office. I sent over my resume right away. It's a much desired job and apparently a lot of other applicants have already turned in their resumes. This job is seriously perfect for me and I think I would do well at it. I already have acquaintances with most everyone at the office. I already have some experience in this area. The only thing holding me back from getting this job is my age, really. Which could be a deciding factor, as silly as that seems. But I have to understand. Being 21 certainly won't be beneficial in this aspect. And I'm not even 21 yet. So I'm jumping the gun. All I can do is hope and pray. God must be teaching me something here. About perseverance and patience and trust. Even if I don't get this job... God raised this opportunity for some reason. It was completely out of the blue. I just checked facebook and a message from the office was in there asking if I were in Lynchburg and available for the position. Just keep praying!

Rebecca Iveson

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