Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm very excited about this job possibility. I can't stop thinking about it. Which is good, because that means I can't stop praying about it. It seems like a blessing has been dropped in my lap. I will be sorely disappointed if it turns out to bum out. But life goes on and I'll find a perfectly suitable job at Liberty for the year. I'm no longer worried about my job situation, but this seriously would be perfect.

I did my internship at Family Life Services Infant Adoption Agency last fall semester. The job is a full time caseworker at this agency. I'm not sure if the position is for working directly with the girls at the maternity home or doing international case studies or working with adoptive parents. Any position would be wonderful. I would be doing exactly what I want to do in the agency that I would preferably want to work with. Family Life Services would be an excellent place to work. I actually have considered staying in Lynchburg for the rest of my life to try to get a position at Family Life Services. If I could work here, if even only for a year or two, that would be a great experience. I did not think there would be any openings for awhile, but the Adoption Coordinator at the agency asked me if I was interested today. So I sent over my resume to be looked over. It's definitely not a sure thing, but I figure they all know me over there. I've worked with them before. They know my work ethic and my capabilities. I was hoping to get references from them either way for whatever position I applied for. And I've had quite a few classes with the Director there who teaches most of the Sociology courses at Liberty. I am quite young for the position, but I am recently graduated from college and pursuing my Masters degree. Hopefully all this will be taken into consideration. This job is not only exactly what I want to be doing with my life, but it would be an enjoyable work atmosphere and a great experience set for the future. I really really really hope it works out. This all seems to perfect to be true. God closed one door and I was upset, but this new one has swung wide open and it seems more than perfect. All I can do is continue hoping and praying that it will work out.

Other than that. I have been working on our thank you postcards for the wedding. I don't mind writing thank you notes. It makes me remember how blessed I have been. God has provided so much for Matthew and I and we are so undeserving. We have such amazing and wonderful lives. I know the blessings will continue in any number of shapes and forms. Maybe it will be in this job at FLS, or maybe it will be another random job at Liberty that will bless me in ways I won't even realize, or maybe it will be some random job outside of Liberty and the extra rest from the break in school will be an unexpected blessing, or maybe just maybe a special little bundle of joy and happiness will arrive unexpectedly and a little ahead of schedule. I think Matthew and I would both be happy if that happened. We'd have to rearrange our life plans for the next five years, but not drastically. It would be wonderful.

Tomorrow we're going to see the Dark Knight. Pretty amazing.

I love life. I had a bad day yesterday... must have been a fluke. Actually, now it was two days ago. How time flies.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Rebecca Iveson

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