Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Only four more days until the wedding! Wow, I literally JUST got butterflies as I typed that! It's coming so soon but it still feels so far away. Today I have to run around and get some last minute details organized. And then tomorrow Matthew arrives. And then Thursday is my Grand Rapids friends bachelorette party... which many of the girls can't make it to, big bummer. And then Friday is the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and my Liberty friends bachelorette party. And then of course, the big day itself!

Our best man can't make it. That's a snag we semi-weren't expecting. He is a Marine so we knew he might not be able to, I guess I always figured everything would work out though. It's ok though. The show much go on!

I got sick today. Real bad. So we're hoping with lots of sleep and rest I'll be up and functioning like normal tomorrow. No sickness. Nope.

Matthew and I had our first financial argument. It wasn't bad, we were just both frustrated because a lot of unexpected difficulties have suddenly popped up. Oh well.

And, now this is going to sound conceited, but I stand a fair chance of being the prettiest, or one of the prettiest brides this summer! I've looked at all the pictures of brides so far, that I know, and I like my dress, my hair style, and my makeup better. Maybe I'm just biased. But I want to look like a bride without having the same look everyone has. So I'm trying to be different. And I think I accomplished that goal.

I can hardly wait for my Matthew to get here. Driving to get him will be a slight pain, he's flying in to an airport that is over an hour away... when there's one right in our town, but oh well. It'll be worth it when I see him!

Four days! Wow!

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Sarah Koutz said...

I was excited to read that you were a blogger on your wedding site. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!