Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yesterday was my "Iveson" bridal shower, thrown by my future mother-in-law. It was held at the Old Arnie's Mill in the upstairs banquet room. We had a delicious lunch spread of rolls, meats, cheese slices, and salad. Very delicious. I just love sandwiches. One of my favorite things ever, quite honestly. Makes me want to go for a picnic. The cake was delicious as well. I was very pleasantly surprised! I am not much of a cake eater... but there was a slight raspberry swirl and lots of vanilla flavor. Very sweet and I ate the entire piece!
We played the pass-the-bag game again. Gave the Iveson side a chance to hear a little about my life and how Matthew and I got together. It was fun. Liv was so cute. She stood between me and Lisa and half way through the game she got the bag she wanted to end up with so she held it against her chest for the rest of the game and just passed whatever bad Lisa and I passed her to the other one of us! It was cute. We all got some form of notepad and pen or a cute little tin with candies in it! Liv made a good choice and opened up a tin! It was fun.
We then progressed to open up presents. I just love presents! Abby sat by my side taking notes on all the presents as a good maid of honor. Liv wandered around getting me presents to open and playing with the ribbons from the tops of the presents. My favorite presents were my new Vera Bradley Miller Bag and bathroom bag! Very handy for London and Paris! Plus will make a great baby bag someday! That was my future mother-in-laws idea! Very good. I also got my yellow flowered dishes from my mother and sisters. My plunger from Abby! I had been complaining to her that no one would get it for me so she did! She's such an amazing friend! I also got my entire pyrex dish set for cooking and baking, cookie sheets, my rolling pin, a nice frame with a decorative piece inside of it, a "You are Special" plate (a tradition in my family), a wall ornament with my entire wedding party on it, my serving bowls and butter dish, my shower caddy and a bottle of shampoo to keep it company, my spice rack, and my iron. Matthew and I are going to be living extremely well! Between all the shower presents and when we open all our wedding presents, I have high hopes for our first home! Everyone is welcome to stop by! I hope to always have cookies or muffins or brownies or rice krispies or lemon squares available! Yum yum yum. I love the munchies.

For now, I am hungry. I cannot eat until 11 tonight. I am hungry now. Only 5 and a quarter hours left.

I need to do another few trials of hair dos for the wedding. I hope it all works out.

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