Monday, May 19, 2008

Today was an extremely good day! I was awakened a little earlier than preferable by a phone call from my mother asking when I wanted to start our busy day. So I rolled out of bed, showered, and beautified in record time. Not really, but record time for a morning I don't have to be awake and doing anything that can't be done 2 hours from then. So I woke up and we headed out.

First we hit the mall. A mistake. I needed a "London is chilly in June" jacket/sweater/sweatshirt. I didn't pack anything too horrible warm for the cool honeymoon weather, so I needed something. Our first stop was Macy's to look for ties for the boys in the wedding. Of course, the women's store of Macy's is the first floor. So we began looking for a good jacket. We found the perfect one and it was on sale by about 80%!!! Amazing. It is a petite black nylon trench with white trim. It was a little big for me, but there was no other sizes available. There was a spot for a belt to tighten the middle, but the belt was missing. Sad. We took it to the clerk to see if there were any other possible jacket options like this one... and she opened a drawer stuffed with belts! We found the perfect one to go with the jacket and cinched it just right around the waist that it looked like the perfect fit! So excited. And then we strolled upstairs and found the perfect ties for the groom, groomsmen, and my dad. Very happy. I liked one tie better for the guys... but there were only three of them. So we found four of the same color but slightly different patterns. But the pattern is the same color as the tie so it doesn't really matter. I like them. They'll look very good in pictures.

We decided to get some lunch and passed a kiosks with knock off designer purses. Big mistake again. I saw a pretty blue one that I liked... and my mom decided to get it! It's like a Kate Spade. I fell in love with one in Burberry fashion. I've loved the plaid design and needed a purse for the plane ride: one with a full zipper and a lot of space. It's the perfect size and will go great with my new Vera carry on. So all in all... a very good trip.

We then headed to Target and Bed Bath and Beyond to do some returning from the Bridal Shower. I found a new adorable one piece bathing suit at Target for only 6$! What a steal! I've been needing a new one piece suit. Makes me feel like an adult! No more bikinis for me! Not really, but it's a nice thought. I exchanged some serving bowls for a set of candle holders! So excited! I registered for the wrong ones on accident so it was good I caught it and bought the correct ones and took the others off my registry! I'm so excited to decorate our dining table and kitchen with them! They are a little yellowish glass and have long stems. Beautiful. A success.

We randomly stopped in at TJ Maxx. I found a pair of dark pink leggings that will go perfectly with my new dresses for London. If it's as cold as it's forecasted to be those leggings will come in handy. And are so much cuter than black ones! Although I plan on getting some of those eventually too. The leggings look might be wearing down, but at least it'll keep me warm!

Last stop of the day, picking up my wedding dress! All altered and hemmed and pressed! All ready for the big day! I'm keeping myself from trying it on until later! I'll put it on tomorrow to be sure it all still fit correctly. But I can't play with it too much... no wrinkles! It is more beautiful than I remember. I am glad I ended up with it. Sometimes bad situations bring about good endings. My first dress was beautiful... but this one is more my style I think. I was trying to dress like someone I'm not. I was trying to create an image of myself that isn't true. It would've looked lovely, but no like Becca. I am so excited.

Later this evening I met with my dear friend, Lauren. It is always such a joy and a blessing to spend time with her. She is such a huge encouragement to me. She is so open and honest. Something that is hard to come by in this world today. Sad. She is real and we have such a history with each other. We have been friends since Kindergarten. She is one of the closest friends I have. I know we will always be close friends. Even though we're going all over this world and miles and miles separate us often nowadays, but we still have so much to fall back on. And we can still talk about everything. She is a wonderful friend and I am blessed by her existence.

I miss my Matthew.

19 days.

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