Friday, May 16, 2008

Well, wedding plans are well underway! I have had all my meetings, asked all my questions, and finalized almost all of the details. The few details still left to be decided, are being checked on... such as sparklers to wish us bon voyage. I think it's looking pretty good on that account though! Our menu is finalized for both the dinner and the dessert. My dress is ready to be picked up, all pressed and laundered. Hotel arrangements are made for the night before the wedding (for my girls and I) and for the few nights after the wedding before we leave for the honeymoon. The program is finally designed with the final fonts, colors, and sizes. All to do now is print them up, cut them out, and ribbon them. Should be a nice project for the next couple of weeks. And my rings are in the shop getting soldered together.

Speaking of rings, I was right about my wedding band. We ordered the 1/3 carat diamond band and we received the 1/5 carat band. About a 200$ difference. We overpaid for the incorrect wedding band. The store in Lynchburg labeled me a problem customer because I kept asking them if it were indeed the correct band. I even called the headquarters of Kay Jewelers and they said the correct band was ordered, but they couldn't know if I received the correct band without seeing it. I took my rings in to the Kay in Grand Rapids to have them soldered together. I noticed the set in the display that is like mine and the wedding band definitely looked different. So I asked the clerk and he said just by looking at the bands that I definitely had the incorrect band. He checked my paperwork and said we surely paid for the 1/3 carat diamond band. I should have the correct band in my finger's size in time for the wedding soldered to my engagement ring... if all goes well. There could be some complications in which case it will be arriving a few weeks after the wedding. *wah* But at least I'll have the correct band with larger diamonds that all match up with the engagement ring channel. And I was right.

This morning I received two very large boxes from the lovely UPS man. Two very large boxes from Bed Bath and Beyond. We assume, of course, that they are wedding presents. I try to think of what I registered for that would fit in these large boxes??? I open it... and voila! Lots and lots of kitchen products! Pretty much my entire kitchen section from Bed Bath and Beyond! It was the entire section until I edited my registry and added a few more things. Here is the entire list of the boxes contents:
*potato masher
*egg slicer
*vegetable steamer
*food chopper
*vegetable peeler
*apple divider
*melon baller
*set of three angled measuring cups
*set of seven measuring cups
*set of six measuring spoons
*ice cream scoop
set of 4 bag clips
*tea bag caddy
*pot drainer with handle
*dish brush with handle
*palm dish scrub brush
*muffin pan
*mini muffin pan
*spoon rest
*flippa trash can
*salt and pepper shakers
*over sink dish drainer
*over the cabinet towel bar

These presents were from my parents friends from Mexico who co-run their mission. Amazing. I am so grateful and cannot wait to start kitchen with all my new tools!

So excited. I love this wedding business!

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