Monday, May 12, 2008

I am a college graduate! As of Saturday May 10, 2008 I am officially graduated from undergrad! Such an accomplishment. I feel so free. Even though I plan on starting grad school this fall, it is still such a relief to be done with full time school work. My grad program is entirely online so I can take it at my leisure. I am planning on trying to complete the whole program in 1 year... which can definitely be done with the way it is set up. It might be a little crazy with maintaining a full time job as well as keeping house, but it'll be much better that way then trying to manage school later with possible babies! But back to the present, graduation was amazing! Chuck Norris was an excellent choice for commencement speaker. He did such an amazing job and has such a great testimony. I was very impressed. A lot of speaker's Liberty brings in surprise me like that. Chuck wasn't just this action star who is incredibly talented with martial arts, he is a strong Christian family man who has had many ups and downs with his spiritual life and his career. It was inspiring to hear from a man who has accomplished so much. Definitely a good choice.

We left immediately after graduation to make it home for mother's day yesterday. Mother's Day is especially important for my mom. Every year we take a big family picture. Every year. We stopped halfway but the driving time ended up being around 16 hours. I don't know how that happened when it's normally a 12 hour drive. Oh well. With my parents and my grandparents that was bound to happen. It was extremely aggravating to me though. I'm used to driving it all in one chunk and driving it fast. Oh well. At least we didn't have to worry about any coppers pulling us over at their speeds.

I am now sitting in the beaners across fro m Woodland with my Mabsy friend by my side. I couldn't be more content at this very moment. She has been my best friend for eight years and she has never failed me. We can always pick up right where we left off no matter how much time has passed since our last conversation of the last time we talked. We got some drinks and she's been studying away since this is her finals week and I've been updating all my wedding mumbo jumbo. I now have time to focus completely on the wedding. It is nice. I have 26 more days to finalize everything. More than I need. But it sure is nice not to have anything else occupying my mind space! I feel free as a bird.

26 more days of being a Miss. 26 more days of being a Bonnell.

I can hardly wait!

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