Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Time really does just fly by. It seems like just yesterday I was dreading the final two weeks of my imprisonment in room 111. Now it is only four more nights until I leave forever, never to see my blasted roommmates again! And I won't ever look back.

I have one more final, tomorrow morning. I am truly finished with undergrad! It seems like such an accomplishment, and yet it has come and gone so quickly. I am growing up and just yesterday I was donning my cheer uniform and running into the pep rallies. Back then I hoped to try out for the Dallas Cowboys someday. I used to watch the tryouts and pick up on all their tryout materials. I loved the cut little costumes and especially the white boots. Ah well, it was not to be. And now that I'm a bit older I see that a profession with such little clothing just wouldn't be suitable. It was a fun dream while it lasted though.

I recently bought the Count of Monte Cristo DVD. I still enjoy the story of the novel more, but I won't say no to Jim Caviezel and Guy Pearce. Good background movie for studying...

I have honestly never done less studying for finals in all my life. Even in high school. Since it is the end, I feel there is no more to accomplish. It simply does not matter any longer. Ah well. It will all be over soon and I'll look back on this time with pleasant memories and most likely a slight desire to return.

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