Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's Saturday. One week from today I will be decked out in all of Liberty's finest regalia... sitting in the hopefully not rain... and listening to the wisdom of Chuck Norris as he gives our commencement address. Pretty much amazing. Oh how the past three years have flown by. Everyone else is saying how the past four years have flown for them... I don't see how people can stand to do it! I knocked one year off and it still seems like it was too long. I got super antsy towards the end of last year. If I had another whole year still to go I'd probably drop out. Or something dramatic! And some kids don't even get done in the normal four years. That would be even worse. Horrid. Ah college life. It is almost at an end.

And I don't miss it.

I found a secret treasure in one of my boxes of books as I was unpacking looking for something to cure my boredom. (by the way: I landed on the Sierra Jensen series... once again. I read the entire Christy Miller series over Christmas break. I hope to be done with Sierra by the time i go home... in seven days!) In the midst of my books I found a sketch I did on August 2, 204. It's of a boy and a girl standing close with arms around each other, looking out a large window at a very familiar and friendly sight. Big Ben stands in the background marking 10 past midnight. And two lone stars shine out of the sky past the ominous tower of time. It marks the night Matthew and I flew off to Never Never Land for the night. Oh what a wonderful night it was. And how I grew to love him and I committed to wait for him.

And now we're getting married. In 35 days. It was well worth the wait.

I have started wearing my glasses again. I keep seeing pictures of other people wearing their glasses and I get inspiration from them. I know, it's a it ridiculous. I should wear my glasses for sight... not for fashion... but I can't help it! At least I can see better for part of the time when I get the urge to look intelligent and collegiate.

I had a much needed panera bagel this morning for brunch. I haven't had panera in awhile. And by awhile, I mean, probably two weeks. In highschool I ate panera about every day. So it is a bit of a stretch when I suddenly can only afford it about every few weeks. Sad day. Don't worry tummy, soon I'll fill you with panera at least every week! But alas, they forgot to give me my cream cheese. So I ate a plain asiago cheese bagel. Healthier, but not quite as enjoyable. And in my haste to vacate the building (story to follow) I forgot to order my soup. I like to cream cheese my bagel and dip it in my soup. Doubly unhealthy but all the more enjoyable. Bummer.

Story time. At the panera in Lynchburg works this young man who somehow always gets to wait on me. Today before I even got to the counter he waved at me. I went to the register at the bakery and placed my order with the young lady there. He sauntered over to talk to me. Now, this gentleman is not my type... at all... and I have never really met him. He just waits on me all the time at panera and he happened to be in my brother dorm last year. I never talked to him though. I didn't even notice him until the last event of the year. So that hardly counts. Anyways, so this guy always tries to talk to me... and it's rather annoying. I just don't want any form of relationship with this kid. He should've just stayed at his own register and continued waiting on the line of customers behind me. Very unprofessional. I've even gone in there with Matthew and we've ordered together. He still didn't get the hint. He just acted as if it were just me. Matt noticed it, but didn't say anything. Not that this kid gave him any competition. I'd say a cute fuzzy bunny would be more likely to weasel it's way in between Matthew and I than this chump. I know, this has been a spiteful paragraph, but it sure makes for a good story.

I only have one more week of living in this horrible room. Thank the Lord. Well, this room itself isn't so bad. I recently discovered the reason the bright overhead light doesn't bother me so much in this room is due to the ugly wooden walls and such. Much better than the white walls on the other half of the hall. So that is one plus. Since I've been moving my stuff over to the apartment, it looks much more clean and organized on my half of the room. It wasn't messy or cluttered before, but less stuff always makes it look more fresh and clean. My roommates might be leaving Thursday night? Pray! I hope hope hope they do. Both of them together. I don't want to have to put up with them as I prepare for graduation. They need to be GONE! The sooner the better. Again, another spiteful paragraph. But you'd understand if you lived here.

I'm going to London. I am so excited. We're going to see the Phantom of the Opera by real British performers! I am so excited. We're spending a day in Paris and I get to see the real Moulin Rouge. I AM SO EXCITED! My fiance is the absolute most amazing in the entire world!

35 days until you all get to meet Mrs. Matthew Steven Iveson!

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