Saturday, April 26, 2008

Finally! Internet access is restored! Liberty's campus internet has been having difficulties for the past 2 weeks. Not good when everyone is trying to end up the semester and it's the main time of year for projects and papers. Matt's internet decided to stop working this past week as well. So I had to rely on Panera... which I love but is not always most convenient.

Only two more weeks until Graduation! Which means only two more weeks left of living in project hell! Seriously, if anyone wanted an interesting study... my dorm room would be an excellent source. I'm not sure what the objectives would be, but there would be interesting results all around! It is 70 degrees outside. So I put the air conditioning on. Natural, right? And our temperature fluctuates between 65-68 degrees on the average day. Depending on how hot it is and what activities have just been accomplished (i.e. a run). But this is not good enough for my two Korean international student roommates. No no. They still want it on heat and past 70 degrees. What you have to understand is that not only is past 70 degrees in heat mode crazy in this weather... but it actually causes the unit to smell like burning and to kind of break down and stop working altogether. But they don't seem to understand that. Oh what a room we live in! (Yes, that was a remake of a good Rufus Wainwright song... good job! And yes, now I am singing it in my head and am realizing I haven't had a good Rufus fix in a long time... too long!)
Tonight I am doing what I NEVER thought I would do. I am participating in the bro/sis luau. Yes, that's right. Me going to probably the biggest bro/sis event of the year. Who ever would've thought? Surely not I. I think it'll be fun. And I think I like my outfit. I'm hopefully going shopping sometime this afternoon to look for something else (I'm always up for new clothes), but I'll be content if I can find none. It seems like the world is at a loss for cute, necessary, affordable clothes. What a shame. I would have such an entirely larger wardrobe if all of those categories could be filled. I suppose my closet is much fuller than it need be already. Ah well.

I only have one more paper to write... then I'm pretty much done with my classes! Woo! This paper is pretty much written as we had to write such a detailed outline it's pretty much the paper in numbered form. Then I have finals... which are a joke. I have the grades now that I'll be getting in the classes. So I could even not bother with my finals and I'd still be good. Oh to be graduated and free! Sure, grad school starts this fall... but at least I'll be off the hall and have a rather large accomplishment under my belt! So exciting.

My future mother-in-law called to ask me if she could throw me a shower! So unexpected and unnecessary! But I am so excited! Yes, another excuse for a new dress, but also I get to see Matt's family some more. And without him there as a buffer I will actually have to socialize with them. Which I desperately need to do! I want to know my in-laws! Really know them! I love the family I'm moving into. I've been so blessed.

Well, I must go get pretty now. I have procrastinated long enough. At least I woke up before 10 this morning and jumped in the shower right away. My roommates on the other hand... they go for a couple days without showering. Sometimes they don't even brush their teeth in the mornings. I probably shouldn't have said that... it wasn't needed in this post... but I'm only slightly aggravated at them. Ah well.

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