Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I've started going through my Gilmore Girls again. I have this horrible habit of going through my shows over and over again until I'm sick of them. I still enjoy watching FRIENDS, but not quite as much. It's rather sad. But I think I just need a break from FRIENDS. So on with the Gilmore Girls!

Entirely different topic: everyone should read Ezekiel 37. God turns dead, dry bones into a living army for Israel. Dead, dry bones! Living and moving and breathing and everything! How incredible the old testament is. How incredible the new testament is. How incredible everyday life is. Oh what it would be like to be a prophet. I suppose it would be very aggravating having to hear about the downfall and demise of Israel over and over again. And to be a modern day prophet, I think I'd be massacred. Me and my people... my friends and such. America would not take to kindly to a prophet.

Senior Assessment was tonight. What an incredible joke. I surely hope Liberty does well enough to pass. The US Department of Education will have to crack down on at least the computer competency area, which is what I was tested on. At least I didn't have to test in all areas of study. I felt so ridiculously retarded. It was all in Office 2007, which I know nothing about. I've only seen it once and never used it. Ah well, I know what I need to know about computers. And what I don't know now, I'll learn when I need to learn it. It won't be a problem. I'm not too worried about it. And Liberty shouldn't be either. On the bright side, I have an amazing free gift from Liberty for my efforts towards this testing process! A red leather bookmark with a photo slot and LU stamped on the front and a black leather binder/ portfolio with Liberty University stamped on the front as well. I doubt I'll ever use either. Maybe the binder. For professional uses. When I'm promoting the school or something. I hope to be an Admissions Counselor or something similar next year so I could get a little use out of it then I suppose. A desk binder. Sense the sarcasm.

I have never been so sick of my hairstyle as I am currently. It is just impossibly long! It's not quite to my bottom yet, but it's getting close! I've been tossing it up in some form of messy bun the past few days just so I don't have to see it, deal with it, or feel it on my back. It's nasty. I can't even cut off an inch. Two of my many options of hair styles for the wedding I'm considering include long long hair. A little longer than it is now actually. Oh but for the day after the wedding! The day after the wedding I am chopping it all off. I don't even know if it'll be long enough to be thrown up into a ponytail. I'll probably grow it out a little longer after I initially cut it. But the super short do will be a nice change. It'll only take a couple months to grow it a couple inches to fit into a small pony. Wow, I wrote a lot about my hair crisis. Not good.

I am a little too self interested. Not good as well. Well when you're as incredible as I what else is there? Just kidding. I did use to have the nickname "Miss Universe". Only with an ex-"boyfriend"... "interest"... "fling". I don't remember what we actually were... but he called me Miss Universe. Ah yes, that was an interesting phase in my life. An interesting crush and an interesting sad little romance. Oh junior high.

There are only 2 more weeks of school left. Which means 2 more weeks of living with my roommates. Which means 2 more weeks until sanity sets in again. And then I can thoroughly enjoy my time at home with my wonderful friends! I look forward to it. More than you will ever know.

I enjoy being a college student. I have a lot to do before I graduate. I need to compile the official list. I only have 2 short weeks to do a lot. A few may be slightly illegal... but only slightly. It's all good. And I have the best set of friends down here to do it all with. I am just so blessed.

Rain rain go away, come again another day. Little Becca wants to play. Rain rain go away.


The end.

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