Monday, April 21, 2008

So apparently I post when I'm bored, when something exciting has just happened, or when I'm in my room which means I'm pretty annoyed and upset. Guess which it is now? As it's slightly past midnight I bet you can guess fairly easily. Yup. Good job. The roommates are doing their things once again. Typical. I don't think I've ever wanted to discontinue a relationship more permanently than these two. Ah well. At least it won't be a bunch of tearful goodbyes like last year.

Did I mention my Reese Witherspoon picture from Legally Blonde I have posted next to my computer? If I did I'm sorry I'm re-posting about it, but I just saw it (which is kind of the point) therefore I write about it. She seriously looks so thin in that picture. It's a very good reminder to eat healthy and work out. I still haven't been going to the gym as much as I should, but I do something exercise-ess every day. Today I did my eight minute abs, did some arm curls with my 5 lbs-ers, and stretched... a lot. Plus I through in some heel stretches, split stretches, and jumps in there for ya. For just starting stretching again in the past 2 weeks, I got my flexibility back extremely quickly. I can already get my left splits down to the ground solid, my rights pretty close to that, my toe touches need some work on the landings (I feel like a cow) but I still get good air, and my heel stretch is almost to the proper height. I haven't worked on any of that since freshman year! It really makes me miss cheerleading. But now that I know that I have the space in my room to do toetouches safely without having to move any furniture, I might begin adding that to my room routine. It helped flatten my abs and gets little bit of cardio in there. Not much, but it's better than nothing. I've also been going for some long walks lately. Again, not much cardio, but more than the usual! I'm slowly getting to the shape I wanna be in for the wedding. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for trying to lose weight for the wedding... but all brides do it. Even the skinniest little wenches out there. Even size zeros can be altered and taken in to fit any size.

Speaking of alterations... I have been looking through a bunch of bridal magazines lately. Nothing abnormal. I showed Matt a picture of a dress with off shoulders sleeves today and he said that was his favorite kind of dress! That is MY favorite kind of dress as well! Why didn't I get that kind you ask? Because last year before I went dress shopping he said he absolutely did NOT like that kind. He said it was almost his least favorite style... second only to halter tops (which I also detest so we have no problem there). It makes me so sad to think of the dress I could've had if only he had changed his mind about off shoulder styles before hand. Ah well. My dress is lovely and the shawl we bought for the reception matches better than if we had bought them as a set. So I suppose I shouldn't complain. You know me though, always finding something out of sorts.

Bed time. I'm not that tired though. I've started reading Out of the Silent Planet again. I don't care for Lewis' Space Trilogy all that much, but I haven't unpacked my books yet and I've already read all mine that are out as well as Matt's. This book is Matt's. So I'll finish it then go over to the apartment and unpack some necessities.

Bed. Night. Love.

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