Sunday, April 20, 2008

Only 48 days until the wedding! Yes, I'm just a little bit excited! Everything is done except the programs, finalizing the menu with the caterer, and decorating the church and reception tent! I have nothing to do for the next two week school-wise so I'll have plenty of time to work on my programs. I'm meeting with the caterer as soon as I get home. And decorating will be so much fun! This wedding will be completely and utterly what I've always dreamed of. Everything has come together so well. My parents are so wonderful. Our budget has been very flexible. Being the youngest does have it's advantages!

So yes, my last assignment for school is complete until finals. Finals week will be a breeze. Two of my finals are online and the other two are on separate days so I won't have to study too horribly. The material for all four of my finals is the easiest section of the course. Very nice. Then comes commencement. I tried on my dress today, complete with shoes and gown. I must say it all looked pretty good! I'm such a girl--- I bought a dress for my rehearsal dinner before I had my wedding dress and I soon after I found my graduation dress. The tags are still on both so I won't wear them until the actual dates. I like having new fabulous outfits. Both dresses are from J.Crew.

Internet has been in and out for the past week at Liberty. It's quite annoying. I had two papers to finish and it wasn't easy having to look up sources alone for about three hours since every time I would pull up an article it would shut down. They say it's being fixed... I have my doubts.

It's finally skirt and dress weather... but it also is still the rainy season. But it's warm out. And I do love my spring rains.

"He will come to us like the spring rain..."

I'm supposed to be watching the Pistons game with my honey right now. I watched the first half. Then wanted to check out how my bids on ebay are coming along. So far, so good!

I bought two new Bridal magazines yesterday. I suppose I can go back downstairs to finish up the basketball game with Matt. Maybe I can finally find a hairstyle for the wedding at the same time. I think I might just hire someone to come out the morning of the wedding, tell them I just want to look gorgeous, better than any other bride ever, and let them do their work. It could be disastrous, but I can't think of anything else to do. We'll see. There's always the fallback fallback of just leaving my hair straight and down and attaching my veil to the top of my head. That's what Asians are supposed to do right?


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