Friday, April 18, 2008

Today is the day for big accomplishments.

I finished my last big assignment until finals. Woo hoo. Actually, my last assignment until finals! And my finals are going to be a piece of cake. I only have 4, none of them are cumulative, and 2 are online. I am so pleased with my schedule this semester.

My dad and his friend, Dave, were here this morning as well. They brought all my worldly possessions down to VA. So now my house is Becca free. Kind of sad. We moved everything into the apartment. It isn't completely ready for us to move in yet... as in the other people have not completely moved out yet... which is a little aggravating, but not such a big deal. We're not paying full rent until we move in so I shouldn't complain.

And Juno and 27 dresses and Th Spiderwick Chronicles are all at the Dollar Theatre! Very exciting.

It is hottttttt down here. In the 80s supposedly. Beautiful, but the beginning to a long HOT summer. I don't like super hot weather. Autumn is my favorite time of year.

Good day.

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