Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Only 10 more days until the wedding! 10! Everything left to be done will be done in 10 short and sweet days!

Today my mother and I went shopping and found some wonderful finds! I now have the perfect oversized clock to go in our bedroom... as long as it doesn't make too much noise. I also found some adorable wall hangings that say "his" and "hers" and have hooks underneath them. I hope to hang them either next to our bed our in the bathroom. I'll have to see how the walls are. I also found a ceramic plaque that reads "The Loo London, England". Perfect for our bathroom! We do love our British finery!

I also was able to find part of my bridesmaids gifts. I love being able to pamper my friends. It is so hard to find truly meaningful and not at all cliche gifts though. I don't want their gifts to be the same as every other bridesmaid gift, but it must also be beautiful and unique to them. So we'll see.

I checked my bank account today for the first time since I've been home. I was worried it would be extremely low, lower than I imagined, and then I would start worrying about how Matt and I would make ends meet. I don't have a job yet for when we get back but I have an interview scheduled. But when I checked my funds I was pleasantly surprised! I had much much more than I thought I even had to begin with! I don't know where the money came from, but it sure is nice! This is the second time I have noticed this in my account. When I was sure I was running low on money (which means less than 1000$) I checked my statement to find I was no where near that point! I don't how I've managed this semester without working. It has sure been a blessing. I needed to catch up on rest and focus on my studies. So I no longer am in fear of how Matt and I will survive and buy food when we return from the honeymoon.

I also chose all the scripts for our wedding ceremony. It is so comforting to know how personal our ceremony will be to us. I chose a lot of traditional scripts but edited them slightly so they say exactly what I want them to. It will be beautiful. Our ceremony will be a little longer than most nowadays, but I wanted them to be terribly traditional. Everything we tried to edit out I just couldn't do! I needed the vows and the rings and the unity candle. But I also needed an opening statement, a declaration of intent, and a challenge to the couple. Matt's sister's ceremony was only about 15 minutes long. Ours will be much longer than that, I'm afraid. Sorry folks. But this is my day, and I have been dreaming of it since about age 5.

Wow! I just watched as the letters appeared on my screen as I typed them. I have always been proud of my typing speed but it amazed me with the rapidity that the letters appeared. I am so thankful for the typing classes my elementary school forced on us in computer class. I used to think they were a waste of time, but it is a much necessary skill in this world today. Back then when we had those old apple computers with the colored tops in the classroom! It was a little fun because I've always had a competitive side and I wanted to get to the next level and beat everyone else there and get the highest score. I would even practice a little at home with this typing program my mom bought to help her. But now I am so thankful for the knowledge of typing. I don't always use the right fingers, but I know where all the keys are and my fingers do their thing. It works for me.

I am watching Anne of Green Gables yet again. I always watch it when I come home. It is so romantical! Just what I need pre-wedding! Oh Gilbert Blythe. Every girls dream. We always say we're waiting for our Todds or our Joes or our Aladdins... but not everyone knows those references. But every girl has heard of Gilbert Blythe. And he only gets better with age! As the movies progress he just gets more attractive! And he's such a great actor. I never used to like my Michigan accent... but after hearing Canadians talk for awhile, I began to embrace my lengthened o's and a's. Not quite as defined as Canadian speech, but still there none the less.

I have also been a reading a few random Mandie mystery books! Remember those from like fifth grade? They're nice now because I can read them in one sitting. It reminded me of Joe Woodard and how he was my dream boy back then. He always seemed so sweet and it was the perfect amount of romantic for a fifth grader. He grew up with Mandie and always knew he wanted to marry her. And he always reminded her of it. Oh Joe. The Mandie mysteries are still a good read, but I know that no 13-year-old would do the things she does in her books. I always wanted to be adventurous like she. Maybe someday.

I just love my kitty. I wish I could take him with me to Virginia. Maybe someday when I move back to Michigan I will take him. He is so sweet and honestly the best kitty ever. He is so friendly and hardly ever meows and he always purrs when he's with someone. He has started making funny noises when he sleeps and he twitches his paws as well. He's so cute. I feel as though he's getting too old. I think someday soon he'll pass away, and I'll be sad. But he's had a good long life and has been a good friend.

Almost time for bed. Not quite, but getting there.

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