Sunday, May 25, 2008

I decided to re-embrace the beauty of print journaling. I have been relying on blogging since my junior year in highschool. When I would notice my paper journal sitting on my desk or under my bed (where I keep it while at home) I would pick it up and flip through the pages. By the time I got to an empty page I would scribble something hastily about what had been going on in my life since the last entry. I found this to be rather fruitless though, since most of my real life updates were online in various blogs. But I have rediscovered the joys of writing in a paper journal. I wrote about five pages yesterday in my journal. Just a place to put any thoughts I might have. It may seem a bit unorganized as I just wrote about whatever popped into my head and if you've ever had a conversation with me you know I bunny trail a lot. But it was relaxing. And I could write whatever I wanted. Online is good and quick for the fast paced life we live today. But I can't write my every thought and wish and dream. Some things are better left unknown. But in my paper journal, I can trust that my thoughts will be kept between itself and me. The only other person who could possibly read it is my Matthew, and there shouldn't be anything in there he can't know anyways. I'm a pretty open book with him so there are no worries there. But I do intend on locking away all my journals from my life someday where no one can read them. And there will be orders to destroy these books upon my death. My journals are my thoughts, not to be read by my family or friends or children someday. They are mine alone. And I don't trust my family members to destroy my journals without first reading them. So I'll put them in a safe somewhere or in the security box at the bank or something. Seems a bit extreme, but some things are best left private. Maybe I'll just destroy them myself one of these days. I'll keep the good parts of course. But I'll never go through and read the whole entirety of the books themselves.

All that to say, I enjoy paper journaling once again. I have a beautiful journal that is leather bound with images of famous architecture from around the world on the covers. It is beautiful and will be the perfect accomplice in my European travels for the honeymoon. I have a long plane trip to occupy. I am only about halfway through this journal so it will suit me well for quite awhile longer.

I have been busily cutting out programs for the wedding ceremony. It is taking longer than I expected. I still have to print the second half of them. I just can't cut and cut and cut for hours on end. My fingers begin to give way after awhile. So I can just make little piles and force myself to work through them. They are beautiful though. I am so thankful for my creativity. I don't want them to look store bought or boring or the same as everyone else. And they definitely do not. I am so thankful for my parents. They want this day to be everything I have ever dreamed of. And with a flexible budget, I know it will be that and more. I am also working on the slideshow. I have finally put all the pictures together and in order. And I have timed it just right with our choice songs. Now all I have to do is load everything on to my dad's Mac and get it up and running. Everything is working out perfectly and with time to spare.

Time to go run some errands before locking myself in the basement(there is no door to our basement... this is just a saying) to finish up another pile of programs. At least I have Gilmore Girls to keep me company. :)

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