Saturday, April 12, 2008

This is a little retarded since I don't have any more group projects to ever do that require classroom presentation... but I am never volunteering my computer to run a group project in classroom on the display screen again. We can use someone else's next time! I had forgotten that when you do this is changes the display on your screen. I have been trying to get it back to normal and somehow yesterday I did it. I was glad. And now, it's back to being all funky. I'm not sure what to do about it. I know I'll figure it out eventually but for now I'm ready for it all to go away.

Speaking of going away, I'm very ready for everyone in my room to go away. We now have 5 girls in one small dorm room. 2 Canadian college for a weekenders. 2 Korean international students. And one very miserable upset senior who should not have had to put up with this in her last year of undergrad. Good job Liberty. Thanks Dr. Hines for not allowing me to move off campus this year. A month from today will be graduation. I can suck it up until then. And at least the weekenders will be gone tomorrow.

My spiritual gift is supposedly mercy. Yeah right.

The end.

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