Monday, April 14, 2008

I had forgotten just how much I love Panera. Not just the food... although that is still my favorite anytime anywhere. No no, the actual ambiance of Panera. A little more than a coffee shop... much better food... and a much wider variety of people to watch and observe. Oh goodness, I've turned into a psychologist! Well, I suppose that's not a bad thing.

So I came a little over an hour ago and plugged up my computer. After, of course, ordering me a bagel and lemonade. I've been working on my Stress Analysis Paper due on Thursday. I figured I should get a jump start on it. Good thing too, because I just got asked to babysit tomorrow night. So I have class starting at 7:30 and I now won't be getting back to the dorm until right before curfew... if I'm lucky. They might be out late though so I might just have to miss hall meeting. What a shame that would be. But it will make for an extremely long day.

Well, the internet didn't start working until about 15 minutes ago. So I didn't have access to some much needed details about my paper as well as the interviews I did for it. So I kind of made up the content up to this point. I'll go back and revamp it later if I need to. But I got a good 5-6 pages of winging it without any notes of guidelines. I've always had a way with words. I don't doubt I'll manage an A+++.

This guy has been sitting in the corner about three tables in front of me. Directly in front of me. He's been there for about half the time I've been here. Every once in awhile after I've been mouthing along with my music or bopping my head or something I'll glance up and he's smiling at me. I must be cute. It's nice to be noticed, even if I am unavailable to be noticed. It's still a nice feeling.

So now that the internet is back up and running, I'm sitting here on blogger instead of finishing up my paper. I already wrote one paper today though. So the majority of the second paper due this week is quite an accomplishment. I have one more annoted bibliography due on Friday... I'll work on that Wednesday and Friday I suppose. Not too worried about it. See, I may procrastinate something terrible, but it always gets done and I'm graduating with honors. Not too shabby.

My dad and his friend, Dave, are coming down this weekend with all of my junk. Get this, I have so much stuff that the trailer they rented is packed completely full without room even for Matt's computer. My love seat will have to wait until later to come down. I need it though. It is a necessary piece of furniture for my apartment. So we'll see when we can get it down here. I'm excited to unpack everything and start setting up home. I am so thankful to the Halfords for letting us move all our stuff in without charging us extra rent! They are so understanding and amazing. I am so blessed.

I'm off to go find my Kristin to go to the gym. I have this problem with going to the gym by myself... I can't. I used to all the time, but now I feel lonely and I don't get as much done. If she goes with me, even though we're usually on different machines and in different rooms, I still push myself harder and get more accomplished. So to the gym I go. Must get skinny. Wedding coming!

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