Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So I got a mock bender ball. Not the limited, exclusive bender ball sold on TV that's way over priced. Just a regular dodgeball with fun CareBears on it. It works the same and is pretty amazing! I recommend it's use for everyone. It really does work your abs twice as hard with the same amount of effort. I've only been using it consistently for about a week now but I can definitely feel the difference. According to the commercial, in another week I should start to really see the difference also. Hopefully. I have a lot to do with this body before June 7!

I have a particularly aggravating day. Plus I've on hormone overload. Birth control can really mess up your system. Yuck. So a mixture of it being too hot in my room this morning (thanks to my roommates who like it to be akin to hell in our room... temperature and generalities), not having time to take a proper shower, horrible cramps and stomach aches all day, my internet not working so I can pull up the articles I need to finish my two papers by Thursday, and oh yes, have I mentioned the superior lack of everything normal to humans about one of my roommate? So yes, it has been a terrible horrible no good very bad day. And it just keeps getting worse from here on out. Why did I agree to babysit tonight? On my day off! When it was already my long day? I must be crazy. Or have a sleep deprived wish for my last three weeks of undergrad.

Oh a better note, I had one amazing workout yesterday. The girl next to my machine kept glancing over at my speed and distance (I assume) while I was ellipticalling so that made me go faster for longer. Thanks girl next to me! And then I did more than my usual weight routine for my legs. And then came my wonderful new discovery of the bender ball along with other ab exercises. And then lots and lots of stretching. More than I've done since cheerleading. I have lost a lot of my flex... but it'll be back soon! So one well exercised Becca. All I have to do is keep it up fro the next 2 months and I'll be in perfect fit shape for the wedding! Yeehaw! Wow. Haven't said that in awhile. Since Spring Hill.

Speaking of Spring Hill, Kristin and I were talking about it the other day. It's so funny, we so could've been there at the same time but we never would've known it. She was all in the gymnast camps which I so badly wanted to try but I didn't know how to do the required backflip, and I was in the horse or tennis camps which she was interested in. We were probably one site over from each other. Maybe we even competed against each other in the camp games! I did compete against the gymnast group once. I miss Spring Hill. I should've done TST or counseled there. At least once. Would've been a great opportunity. But I was too shy. Bad Becca.

I need to work on my assertiveness. And overcoming my fears. I'll just keep missing out on opportunities that I'll later come to regret. Needs some work.

I'm getting married in 52 days! It's slowly getting closer. With each turn of the week I can't help but smile because that's one week closer to the wedding! And graduation too. I'm so ready to be done with school... only to jump right back in again. I'm such a dork. But I will soon be a well educated dork! But seriously, it feels like it's so far away. But with each passing week it just gets closer and closer!

I'm currently watching Legally Blonde. I have this thing where I have to have something playing in the background while I work. Maybe that's somehow linked with my internet not working. I would be aggravated if that were the case. I can't not have my flicks! I developed this need since I've been here at Liberty. Kind of drowns out the noise and hustle and bustle of the dorm. So I am now done with Gilmore Girls... seasons 1-6... and am starting in on the movies. I watched 3 yesterday as I worked and just sat around wasting time. I'm on my second for today. It's slightly busier today than yesterday. I hope my internet starts working tonight so I can get everything printed I need. Plus I need to find at least three new articles for my paper due Thursday. I didn't know I needed outside sources for this paper. I really really dislike it when professors don't spell out clearly what they want in an assignment for their classes. At least that we need sources. That little piece of information would be nice to have.

Somehow I have gotten fat this year. It is quite the dilemma. I know, I already hit this subject. But it seriously aggravates me. I think I'll say goodbye to food for awhile. So long food!

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