Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy April. My second favorite month of the year! Matthew and I almost set our wedding date for this April... I'm so glad we didn't. The anniversary date isn't really THAT important. I would've been so stressed out trying to finish up school work and getting the wedding off. It would be this weekend. April 5. Yeah, that wouldn't have been a good idea. Although, being married right about now would be incredible. I am very excited to be Mrs. Matthew Steven Iveson. It's getting closer!

I have been studying Nutrition since spring break ended. And I still don't think I'll do well on the test. I can spew out lots of facts on all the vitamins and minerals... but I'm sure I'll get them confused tomorrow. Isn't that how it always goes? I would take the time to go over all my answers twice... but I think that is only good when math is involved. Make sure no stupid mistakes we made. With this I think I'd just second guess all my answers and end up doing worse for it. We'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow morning. I'll probably just want to get out of the classroom and back to finishing up my sociology midterm.

What midterm? Let me tell you about it. I have a midterm due tomorrow in class. I definitely forgot about it until yesterday on my way to class when a friend asked me if it was due yesterday or tomorrow. Good thing she mentioned it! I would have totally forgotten about it. I'm about a third of the way through the midterm. I like my answers so far, and my professor is pretty open minded... I'm just afraid I've been off track the whole time and will fail. I have yet to get 100% on one of her assignments yet... and this is my third class with her. So I'm not super worried about it.

I bought an amazing lighter to wax seal my invitations. And it definitely doesn't work. Big bummer. So I have to go back and exchange it. I need to get these invites out. My goal was to have them out by the beginning of April. They'll most likely be mailed out this Saturday. Not too bad. I need to get my new passport though. I am just too lazy. That is a definite happening on Monday.

I miss being spontaneous. And I miss having certain freedoms. I love my Matthew and I wouldn't give up our relationship or our wedding plans for anything. Literally. Anything. But it does make me sad when my friends all can do stuff together that I just don't have time for or it doesn't work for someone in a relationship. And our friends just don't mix well. I can hang out with his friends pretty easily. I generally like people. (that's a lie, but his kind of people I generally like) He doesn't do so well with my friends. Not that he doesn't like them. He just is super awkward. So I don't put him through that. I hope it will be different when we're married. Party over at the Ivesons. And by party, I mean lots of good food, maybe a few good games with lots of laughing, and a movie or video game extravaganza on our huge TV! (which is in the works) I suppose in the long run I'd much rather be in a relationship now, be getting married young, and have lots of babies young. So it will all be worth it.

I hadn't looked through a Bridal magazine in a long time. I don't really need to much anymore. Everything is planned. But I looked through one the other day. Pretty much amazing! I got some new ideas and it's just fun to see what other people are doing.

One last thought: my maid of honor called me randomly today just to say hello. It seriously made my day. I love her. She was a good choice.

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