Saturday, March 29, 2008

I just totally had a Mr. Rogers moment. I took my jean jacket from the back of my chair, walked over to the closet, pulled out a hangar, hung up my jean jacket, placed hangar back in closet, pulled out new hangar, take pink sweater off hangar, replace hangar, put sweater on and go sit down. Yes, very Mr. Rogers indeed. And I didn't even like that show. Puppets are just not my thing. Except Gerbert. Did anyone else like the orange puppet Gerbert?

I have been studying for this Nutrition test since 11:30 this morning. And I have only been going over half of my notes. The Vitamin section. They all do the exact same thing, I swear. I plan on tackling the Minerals tomorrow. Then for the remainder of the week it's all the notes. Over and over again. I need to get a B on this test. An A would be wonderful... but doubtful. I'm hoping high for a B. It's a pretty sad existence. And I kind of wanted to be a nurse. Yeah, that would've been a very bad idea. I am not a science kind of person. I can't even learn basic nutrition. Between me and you, I blame the professor. Not even joking. Ask anyone else who's had her and isn't already a nutrition major. They get 100% on all their tests but they already know everything.

I am re-reading Ender's Game. A very good choice. Matthew just finished Xenocide, so that's next on the list. I hope I enjoy it as much as books one and two. I always have doubts about multiples in a series. But Ender, I just love Ender. He's pretty amazing. Out future puppy is going to be Ender. We also plan on having a female puppy, Valentine. We're not so create.

I have been a little mopey lately. Very up and down. I think it's this whole not taking medication thing. Ah well, tomorrow the dose starts up again. It has been a good experiment if nothing else. We'll see if this moodiness goes away. I hope so. I constantly feel like crying. There may be some other factors involved, but hopefully I'll be free as a bird starting tomorrow. Seriously. Or maybe I just need to find myself a good park. I used to love going to the park just to relax. Watch the birds. Read a book on a park bench. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the... dorm. It used to be to get out of the house. Away. Completely away. I think, honestly, this new rooming situation might be topping the mother/father/house situation. Yes, it's that bad. That's not why I'm mopey though. That was excellent paragraph formation right there.

Ok. Bonnell (soon to be Iveson) Out.

No, I don't watch American Idol or anything else with Ryan Seacrest in it. Except that mouthwash commercial.

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