Thursday, April 03, 2008

37 days. That's all that is left. 37 days until I will never again live in this dorm room. Freedom. I hate hate hate this room. No, I actually don't mind the actual room that much. I hate hate hate living with my roommates. I have said that South Korea must be akin to hell. Yup, still holding true. And it's been getting worse. I just don't understand. All semester I've asked them to do certain things that are "normal" for human beings. Like cleaning up after themselves, cleaning their hair out from the sink after they get ready in the morning, not chewing with their mouths open so I can hear their lips smacking and their food moving around in their mouths, not slamming their drawers closed when I am sleeping, not talking on the phone in the room when I am sleeping, pushing in their chairs when they leave the room or are not using it since it sits right in the middle of the room and directly in front of the door, and cleaning their dishes right when they're finished with them instead of leaving them in the sink. Do any of those requests seem out of the ordinary for college dorm rooms? I didn't think so. And most people wouldn't need to be asked these to begin with.

On to nicer topics. I really like the Ender books. I'm currently on the third book, Xenocide. Matthew is working his way through them as well and I get the books when he is finished. He has a lot of time to read at work. That sounds like he's lazy, but he really isn't. He has quite a good job. I am quite proud of him actually. I don't have the same amount of time to pleasure read as he does. And I won't for another year or so. But I have kicked out about 15 books this year (2008) already. Not bad I say. And no, they were not baby books. They were all over 150 pages. And some were over 300. Pretty impressive for being a fulltime student, I know. I love love love good books! But I have been swamped lately. No time for extra reading. I think I'll be able to break for a good book every once in awhile. My monster Nutrition test is over. I'm scared to see the results. I could have done fairly well... I'm afraid I might have done poorly though. That's not a nice topic. Nope.

I'm bored.

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