Sunday, March 02, 2008

I am so ready to move out of this room. I know, I complain of my roommate pretty much every entry... but they are pretty much the two most horrible people to have as roommates together. I seriously contemplated paying the fee to switch rooms. And yes, the thought is still very much alive in my mind. I hate it in here THAT much! Not only are they loud in everything they do... they are messy. I won't go into detail but it's nasty. And I hate it. I don't truly hate too many things in life, but I HATE HATE HATE living in this room. If I never see these two girls again in my life after moving off this campus... I won't care one teeny tiny bit. That makes me sad. I was praying and hoping for a kindred spirit of a roommate this year. God apparently had some horrible life lesson for me to learn this year through this international roommate situation.

Other than that. One more week of my DLP class! Yes! My group project is turned in and graded - A! My research paper is completed and turned in. I don't really care what grade I get on it since I've gotten 100% on every assignment thusfar and A's on all my tests except one which was a very high B. I only have one more assignment due next week as well as one last exam. These will not be any more intensive than the other weekly assignments and exams so it should be a breeze. Excitement. Then the rest of the semester is a breeze as well. I have one more research paper and then one other big assignment. And the rest is well easy easy easy.

Ok, I just want to reiterate... I hate living in my room. I hate Korea. I officially hate Korea. I'll go over to visit my birth family as well as the orphanage I lived in for a couple of months. I'll see the big sights. Then I'll be one. I'll probably email or write letters to my birth family, but nothing else Korea. Ever. I used to think it was a pretty cool place and the people were sweet and cute. But this whole roommate situation has changed everything. Sad. Very sad. Ah well.

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Wolfemom said...

Thank you Sweetie! We are very excited.. wish we could get them home before your wedding but I'm not counting on it. I like the picture on your blog. We will miss you in Florida but hopefully we'll bring back the warm weather.