Monday, March 03, 2008

I am going home to Michigan for Spring Break to complete some wedding plans. Check marks off the Wedding To-Do list is definitely a plus. But I shall miss my friends who will be sunny, warm Florida. I am trying hard not to be tempted to blow what little money I have and journey down with them. Aw shucks. But no, this whole going home thing is a much better idea. I'll get a lot taken care of for the wedding, I'll get to try on my wedding dress again... always a good time, I'll get lots of good food and probably some shopping done, and I'll get to see my children! I miss them a lot. It'll make me sad next year when I don't go home for every break to see them. We'll probably only be going home for Christmas. I doubt we'll be able to make it home for Thanksgiving.

I have begun addressing wedding invitations! It is a good time. I can only do a few at a time. My hand starts to hurt and the fumes of the marker get to me. I have had a headache for the past few days and scribbling away in marker doesn't help. I'm about 1/3 of the way through the guest list. Not bad. I've finished most of my mom's list and have begun on Mrs. Iveson's list. I'm saving my list for last. I'm so worried I'll spell someone's name wrong of forget someone's spouse. A lot of people have already RSVP-ed after my save the date went out. And a few of them we weren't expecting to actually come. Like my parents friends from med school or my great aunts and uncles. But they're all coming! So we'll have lots of family and friends surrounding us on our special day. I hope we have enough space in our reception tent. We estimated we'd have about 250 people... I think the tent can hold a little more than that so it should be ok. We're not having a dance floor either so that will clear up some extra space for tables and chairs. Matt's friends from New York are trying to work it out so they can come as well. That's a couple more people. One of his friends is in a wedding the day before ours. So they'd have to leave directly after the other reception and drive all night in order to get there in time for our wedding. It'd be wonderful if they could make it, but I'd also feel bad because they'd be tired and it'd be expensive for them.

We;re looking into spending a day in France over our honeymoon! We'd take the underwater eurorail and spend the day touring France! Beautiful! I would LOVE that but Matt has no desire to go to France. And neither of us fancy the idea of Spain either. Matt wants to go to Scotland again so we might spend a day up north as well. I'd like to visit Ireland. We could tour all of Britain. I am so excited for this honeymoon! My fiance is the absolute best and he spoils me so much!

I have been drinking a lot of water lately. I keep downing it to try to help my headache but it hasn't helped yet. I'm hoping that if I continue taking good naps in the afternoon and getting good sleep at night my head will return to normal soon. I'm sure the added stress of my rooming situation doesn't help. I usually get worse headaches when I'm stressed out. Classes aren't stressful this semester, I'm not stressed about wedding plans, and my friends aren't stressful at all... so it must be the rooming situation. I blame Liberty.

I have a long prayer list. A lot has been happening around and in my life lately. Some good and some not so good. All I can do is pray. It seems so little but I know it's the greatest tool/weapon I have. I'll post about these prayers later. For now, time to relax a little... watch a good movie... and get some rest. (if my roommates will allow for it)

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