Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good news first: My engagement ring is back on my finger! I finally decided to take the chance and have it sized! No, Matt wasn't lazy and didn't have it sized originally. He ordered it in the smallest size he could, but it was still a little too loose. I sent my wedding band in with it. So now I have two perfectly sized rings all ready for the big day in June. Only once more will I have to part with these rings. Then it's my left ring finger for the rest of my life! Right before the wedding I'll give it back to Matt and they'll be put together. I hate it when the diamonds aren't evenly spaced together. Ah well. It's back on my finger now. Beautiful. New and sparkly and shiny. I just love it when it's all cleaned and clear!

Bad news: I have a killer exam tomorrow. I've been studying for the past few days and nothing is sticking. Everything sounds the same. I can't seem to get the difference between carbohydrates and fatty acids. It's a problem. I hate hate hate nutrition class. It will be alright though. Tomorrow will be wonderful. No early morning class. I have an exam in there as well, but it's online and shouldn't be too difficult. I'm not worried. Then I wake up to take this wonderful Nutrition exam. And I just found out I have a paper topic and intro due in my psyc class. Nice. I'm such an organized student. This is what I get for skipping class last week. All right, I was sick. It was necessary.

Update complete.

Oh~ and I love Gilmore Girls. I am finishing up the second season now. I bought them a week and a half ago. I'm doing well. I'm getting lots of Jess and even more to come! I can hardly wait for season 4. That's my favorite. And Rory has short hair. I am so excited for short hair! I can't wait until June 8! Goodbye long asian locks! Short and sweet from then on out!

Ok. Now update complete.

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