Sunday, February 24, 2008

Well, another week down. A new one has begun. And I have stayed awake early into the morning finishing up a chapter in my Human Exceptionality textbook. That course is almost complete. Only two more weeks. My group project will be turned in tonight: which I did most of the work, not even joking. But I get extra credit points for my work as the group secretary... so I think it will be worth it in the end. My research paper is due by next Sunday. Another large load off my shoulders. And then there's only the last test for the last week of class. I've had a test every week so far in this class though, so that's nothing new. And then I am free! Only with my Tuesday Thursday classes which have turned out to be pretty darn easy. I am so lucky with my senior year.

My cold is finally beginning to turn. I still have a pretty wicked cough, but it only acts up if I've been talking a lot of if I've been laughing. So in a couple more days I should be back to fully functioning and operational. Right in time for two exams on Thursday. Oh how I love college life.

I received a phone call from my parents in Mexico tonight. It was a nice change since I haven't been able to talk to them while they're down there. They called to check in on my since I had been sick all week. It's nice to have parents who love me. My dad was a little worried about me I think because I emailed all my illness stories to him. And I have been slightly delirious at times. I've also been taking cough syrup for the first time ever and I was afraid I would overdose. Yeah, that wouldn't have been pretty. I know a guy who just accidentally overdosed on cough syrup. Not good. He's alright though.

I have been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls. It is such a lovely show. It brings happiness to my heart. A good investment on my part. Probably not the best use of my money, but I'm not going on spring break this year. So it makes up for it. Speaking of which, I'm beginning to be really bummed out about missing spring break. I have just recently begun getting along well with all the people who are going to Florida with my friends. Before I didn't mesh so well with the males in the group so I didn't really care about the vacation trip we'd be taking. But now that I get along quite well with all of them I'm beginning to rethink my decision to go home and do some more wedding planning. It is needed and being home will be nice. Plus I don't really have the extra money for the house in Florida or gas or food. But it would be nice to be in the sunshine and wear a cute swimsuit again and be with my friends. Ah well. I'll know for next time I suppose.

I am going to be really tired when it's time to wake up for church. Then I have to go meet Matt at the hospital for lunch. Then I must read another chapter in my Human Exceptionality textbook and take the test for this week... and finish up my group project and turn it in. Only after all of this can I take a nap. Yes, it will quite the morning. And I'm half tempted to sleep through all of it and procrastinate until 10 pm.
One final thought: I have been realizing how much I am like Petunia the Silly Goose. She is the main character in a book I used to read as a child. She always always thought the grass looked greener on the other side of the fence. She eventually found her way off her farm and up a hill where she could see all around. When she looked back at her farm land she realized how good she had it. Her grass was far greener than the surrounding area in reality and she couldn't wait to get back home. I really do have pretty "green grass" but I always want what others have. I constantly change my mind about things, especially with my wedding. I need to be satisfied and content. Really, I think I am going to have quite the most beautiful wedding of the summer. Much prettier than several other brides I know in planning. I need to stop comparing and just plan the perfect day for me and Matthew. All the other couples are planning according to their likes and wants. Our ceremony and reception is perfect for us and will be wonderful. I am so excited and everything will be perfect. My grass is the greenest. I need to learn that. Just keep thinking that. I am marrying the man of my dreams. I have a wonderful family and friends who support me. And everything has been working out wonderfully. I am so blessed. I have the greenest grass.

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