Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So everything was going pretty swell today. I was sitting in my room, minding my own business. No bad. Watching a lot of Gilmore Girls. No Jess yet, which is kind of the whole point of Gilmore Girls... in my humble opinion. But I'll get to him soon enough. And then... oh and then...

Then came back the roommate. Yes, they both left for most of the day. But now she is back and I feel like it will be for the rest of the night. She is so loud... all the time. She seriously does everything loudly. She clogs around in her super loud flip flops all around the room. Except lately she has taken to putting her heels on and prancing around the room. Only in the room. She doesn't wear them out. She changes from her tennisshoes that she wears around campus into her heels when she returns to the room. And she changes out of them when she leaves again. Yup. Pretty retarded. And she slams everything and rips more pieces of paper per second than anyone else ever in the history of the world. She could probably set world records out there. Now, my other roommate isn't so bad. Really all I have against her is that she speaks Korean... and I can't really hold that against her. Oh how I loathe my roommate.

Oh the upside... I'm almost finished with Gilmore Girls Season 1. Pretty good for owning it only about 3 days!

Jess... here I come!

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