Saturday, March 15, 2008


After 12 hours cooped up in the car, I finally made it. I think I sped the most the last 20 minutes of the trip... which is not highways. Good thing cops don't usually patrol the Forest Hills East area. No major stories from the road. I have this problem with needing to pass people and leave them far in my dust. So people would be going all nice and slow and then when I passed them they decided to speed up and keep up with me. I don't like being people's speed buffers for when the coppers stop by. So I sped up even more for about 10 minutes to an uncomfortable speed... and left them far behind. It's a problem. I should probably seek counseling for it. I did cramp up both of my legs simultaneously though. Not a good thing to do in the car when you're supposed to be driving. I was almost out of gas. I'm pretty good at gauging my gas tank so I figured I had about 20 miles left. No problem, thought I, as there should be a travel plaza service station coming up pretty soon. Oh the joys of Ohio! But alas, I passed into Indiana and the last service plaza has apparently disappeared since I last visited. Honestly, there used to be one somewhere before the Indiana border. So I was praying without ceasing (literally) and apparently tensing my legs up. I had never been so far past the E so I knew I could very well be in trouble. My father would not appreciate a call asking him to come save me when I was 2 hours away and out of gas. Redemption! The first service station in Indiana! Right off the toll road! Now if only I could make it the last 2... 1... 1/2... miles! I pulled up to the gas pump, parked my car, jumped out (joyfully), and BAM! Legs cramp. I guess I was slightly nervous. Other than that, I very uneventful trip. No accidents, pull overs, or lost incidents. So a pretty good trip.

Funny story: You know how sometimes Jeeps and trucks are on suspended wheels or something? So they're abnormally high off the ground? I saw a car just like that while driving... it was a mini cooper! Who would do that? Seriously! I had been taking pictures on my phone of things I saw as I went but I missed this one. By the time I saw it I had already passed. One of the silliest things I've seen in awhile.

The tradition when I'm home is to read as many Christy Miller or Sierra Jensen books as possible and keep track of where I left off so I can continue next time. Matt calls it my "girl porn". Yes, they're all romantical and everything. I like them. So I was reading one last night and it occurred to me that I imagine Aunt Marti as being Emily Gilmore from Gilmore girls! They seem very similar in personality, I suppose Aunt Marti is a little more modern and hip. She is younger and does live in California. But that is the picture that pops into my head as I read. Kind of funny.

I have been going through all my pictures to try to limit the number for the wedding slideshow. It is quite the task. I don't know which ones to choose. I was an awfully cute baby and I have so many excellent memories of high school. Not to mention all the pictures on my computer from college. It will be quite the task. I'm meeting up with Matt's mom this week to get his pictures to put on my computer. Then I have to find some time to put it all together. I still haven't picked out the song for me. I have his song and our song... but it's hard trying to find a theme song for my life! My sister told me that when they made her slideshow they literally took a video camera and held pictures in front of it for a few seconds! I love modern technology! I am so blessed.

We're having a surprise party at my house today. So I have to get up and get ready before people start getting here. It's for my mom's best friend. It should be pretty fun actually. I think. I hope. I enjoy good food at the least. And there will be food a plenty.

I have the task of packing up all of my belongings while I'm home. Quite the task. I have a lot of stuff. I don't even know where to begin. This whole moving process sure will be interesting.

Have a great spring break!

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