Monday, February 11, 2008

Today has been a good day. I love the sunshine and the breeze and the clouds in the sky. It was just chilly enough to wear my new sweater! It used to belong to Mark, then it was too small for him, so Matthew took it, then he accidentally shrunk it in the wash, now it's mine. It is a wool sweater from J.Crew, so I definitely won't be complaining! It was such a beautiful day. Amazing how that can set the entire tone of the day.

Matthew and I did some shopping. I love it when he comes with me even though I know he gets bored. I can look through clothes and shoes for hours, but I try to limit myself when I'm with him. I did make some excellent finds though. As I am trying to save money for our future, I have been limiting myself. I wanted a new green jacket to go with my new coral pashmina. It is beautiful and will be the perfect accessory for our London honeymoon since it will be a little chilly there. I also wanted a pair of rocket dogs for walking around town in. Well, I found neither. I did find some sales at Target though! I bought a "Frankie Says Relax" Tee. I am a FRIENDS addict and probably spend way too much time watching my DVDs. I've seen all 10 season at least 3 times... in the past year (school year, beginning in August). And if you know anything about FRIENDS, you'll know about Ross and Rachel and how they were or were not on a break. In "The One With the Tiny T-shirt" Ross takes all his things back from Rachel after they have broken up. Including a Tee that says "Frankie Says Relax" that was his a teen. Rachel argues that it doesn't even fit him anymore and to prove her wrong he throws it on... it of course is too small... but he wears it anyways. He ends up giving it back to her at the end of the episode. I don't know who Frankie is and I don't like the actual shirt that much, but I HAD to buy it. And it was on sale. I also did find a pair of shoes... but not rocket dogs... not even close. I found a new pair of dressy flats. They have a floral multi colored print and are ADORABLE! They will go with any color and will look perfect with jeans, capris, skirts, or dresses. I'm planning on wearing them to my rehearsal actually. They will go perfectly with my J.Crew dress! I am so excited! Matthew likes them too. I was worried he would think they were ridiculous. So that is good. They will be making the trip to London as well, so they'll still be used for walking around town. All in all, a good day for shopping!

Matthew's roommates, who are hard core gamers, have decided that he "picked a good one". Yes, this is because I bought him a PS3 for Valentine's Day (I just got the email that it's shipped and should be here in time!), but I think they like me besides that. But this definitely helped my status. I'm glad. I like being liked. As vain as that sounds. Oh I know there are a load of people out there who don't like me, so I figure if I can get a few more to be on my side of the line then it's all fair.

I got this amazing new pillow for Christmas. It's made of that tempur material and doesn't have any grooves in it where your neck is supposed to go. I hate that. It is the shape of a normal pillow but molds to your head shape. Amazing. The only problem... I don't think my neck can get used to it! It's a problem. I'm constantly waking up in the night to switch pillows to my almost dead and very uncomfortable flat lifeless pillow. But it's better than the other. I suppose with time my neck will gets used to the new position. It's probably better for it than the way I have been sleeping the past 20 years... but ah well.

Time to write up my journal article critique for my human societies class. I'm reviewing an article on Korean Mothers involving in American schools once they have immigrated. Pretty interesting. I am glad I was not raised Korean though. That sounds horrible, I know, but I think I just wouldn't fit in to their society. I'm too loud and independent. Well, not loud so much now... but you know. I'm definitely an American through and through.

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