Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our wedding invitations came in the mail today! They're absolutely perfect! They are gold and send-and-seal. Very modern yet elegant. Everything is spelled correctly and formatted exactly how I wanted it. When I received my first set of proofs the formatting was a little off so I was a bit worried. But they arrived! And they are wonderful! I want to stick them in the mail today! But I have to wait until April. Postage is going up again in May! Thankfully I had planned on sending out invites in April anyways. I already bought all my postage! It'd be a shame to waste all those beautiful spring flower stamps!

I also received a surprise package from my mommy! She sent me a new spring Gucci purse! Also a Kate Spade purse! The Kate purse is alright, not exactly my style... but I'm sure I'll find a use for it! The Gucci purse is perfect though! I am so pleased! It was a total surprise! Thank you Mommy! She also bought me an outfit right off the mannequin. She's funny like that sometimes. She saw an outfit she thought would look cute on me so she bought everything the mannequin was wearing! Including jewelry. It all doesn't look so great individually, but she swears it looks good together. We'll see one it warms up again. It was so cold today! Not nice. Nope. At least we didn't get the freezing rain that was forecasted. Good job Yahoo Weather.

I also got our flight itinerary for London! Excellent. We leave from Grand Rapids and head to Detroit. We have a nice layover then we're off to Heathrow! I love Heathrow. If have this odd interest in airports. I like wandering around them. If I don't have a nice lengthy layover I tend to get aggravated. My favorites are Heathrow, O'Hare, and JFK. I know, semi-typical. But there's good shopping in those airports! Anyways, so we arrive in London Wednesday morning. We'll try to do some sight seeing that day so we'll go to bed at the normal time but we'll have had about a day and half's of waking. The return trip gives us a little shorter layover, but I figure we'll be ready to be home and rested before our long drive back to Virginia. I am so excited. All my friends who are getting married this summer... well... out of all of our honeymoons, I think I like my option the best! Not to brag of anything.

I am taking a break from my 10 page paper. It will probably end up being longer than 10 pages, but we have a 12 page limit so I'll have to edit edit edit! I would much rather write a huge research paper than take a test any day of the week. I've always had this skill with writing papers. I can crank one out in about an hour. This paper is a book review too, so not difficult. I even found the assigned book interesting. It's all about the effects of divorce on children. It is a 25-year longitudinal study. I finally finished the book (we only had 3 weeks to read it... and I have a lot of other reading to do in all my other classes) and am now beginning to formulate the paper. It's going very well, but I needed a break. There's just so much cramming you can do on one subject. I've spent the past couple of days trying to finish the book. I couldn't read more than three chapters at a time. It's so sad to read about all these children whose parents abandoned them, in a manner of speaking. I have been so blessed with my family. More than I ever realized. I am also blessed by Matthew's family. His parents have never fought in front of their kids and have a strong relationship to this day. Matthew and I have good relationships with all of our siblings and have a great support system back home. I am so blessed. I wish I could go and hug all my friends from back home that come from divorced families. I never knew the hardships they went through when we were younger. I don't think I was insensitive, but I definitely wasn't an added resource for them. It makes me so sad.

Ok, a new cup of vanilla cappuccino to keep me company while I finish up my first draft of this paper. Tomorrow I'll make any revisions that need to be made and it'll be ready to turn in on Thursday. Sounds good to me. And miraculously, both of my roommates have disappeared! Maybe I can finish this paper before they return. For there will be a lot more distractions when this room become Korea once again. I seriously want to put a sign up on the outside of our door that says "Beware: You are now entering Korea: aka Hell". I can say that since I'm Korean. But it really is that bad.

Happy writing.

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