Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Day Before Valentine's Day! I really do love Valentine's Day, even before Matt and I were together. All hopeless romantics love Valentine's Day. A time for pink, teddy bears, reading good romance novels, and of course, chocolate! My first real Valentine's "date" was Caleb Wassenaar! Yes, little Cabe. I was in 4th grade when we met. I was actually dating his brother who was my age! Our class went to Curt's lake for a class party and little Cabe decided he liked me! So the next year he got me a cute little card, balloon, and stuffed dog for Valentine's Day! Cute. He is 7 years younger than me! haha. It was cute. He was an adorable little kid. His parents loved me so they would bring him into school for lunch to see me. Cute. Craig, Curt and Cabe's dad, used to tell me that he wanted me to marry one of his sons but he didn't care which! Yeah, that was back before he became a little sketch... or at least before we all knew he was sketch. Ok, awkward.

But I love Valentine's Day. I gave Matt his present today... a PLAYSTATION 3!!! Yes, I am the best fiance ever in the history of the world! He bought a game the other day for it because I was going to get him the PS3 for his groom's gift, but I figured he and his roommates could use it well now. So early groom's gift for Matthew! He's still giving me my present tomorrow. I want it now! Tomorrow will be a good day. My school load will be relaxed for a little while after tomorrow. I have to turn in big papers in two of my classes tomorrow. When class is done Matthew is coming to pick me up and we're going out. Yummy food. I told him either Ruby Tuesdays or Quiznos. Not super fancy, but I have been craving both! So it will be EXCELLENT! And then I get my present. And then I have to come back early. Sad day.

But Amber is coming to visit! She'll be here for the weekend as a CFAWer. I think it will be fun. I've been planning out where I'm going to take her to show her around Lynchburg, shouldn't take too long. I think she'll get a good view of what her college life will be like. Of course, she's already decided she's coming here so it doesn't really matter. But it will be fun. I haven't seen her in awhile so it will be nice. For those who don't know, she's the little sister of the best man in our wedding. She's a senior in highschool this year and coming to Liberty next year. So it'll be fun. I first got to know her when I helped coach her junior high cheer team. How fun. But then she quit the next year. I was disappointed! We needed some more good cheerleaders in the high school! But we'll have a fun weekend. I'm sad it's cold for her and she missed the warm weather... but it's much warmer than back home!

K-dawg just came in. We're gonna go be real now. No more online mumbo jumbo.

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