Saturday, February 16, 2008

What a wonderful Valentine's Day! I had class until 5 then Matthew picked me up for a lovely date. Good food and then back to his place for a little while. For my present he bought my favorite new release, Becoming Jane, and a teddy bear dressed as a Queen's Guard from Harrods in London! A little precursor for our honeymoon! So cute and special. He was going to buy me Becoming Jane on Blu-Ray since his present was a Playstation 3... but then I wouldn't be able to watch it on my computer. We can get action movies on Blu-Ray for him later. I had to come back to the dorm early because it is CFAW and someone was coming to stay with me.

That someone is Amber Winkel! The best man's little sister. She'll be coming here next fall so she and her mom and aunt made the trip down to see the school and find out a little more about the education program. It's been a fun weekend so far. I love being able to tell other people about how great Liberty is! It's incredibly how much we've grown. Mrs. Winkel could hardly believe how large our campus is. When I thought about it, the amount of extra building we've done since my freshman year is amazing. Even more is being constructed as we speak. Liberty is a continually growing school and God has blessed us so much. I am sad that my time here is coming to a close. I'm not sure anymore if I'll do my Masters here. I'll still try to get a job here for the next year... but I'm finding out that the Masters I thought I needed might not be right. Ah well.

So it's been fun with Amber. I don't have any classes on Fridays to take her to so we just hung out after Convo. We met up with Luke and Naomi for lunch. That was fun. I hadn't seen either of them for awhile. It was good to catch up. Amber had some meetings during the afternoon so I finished some weekend homework then. My DLP course is ridiculous. Thankfully I've gotten all A's on my assignment thus far. My group project is due this next week and I volunteered to be the group secretary. To keep all of our notes and discussions in order and to format our final project we'll be turning in. I get extra credit points for the extra work... but I should be getting much more than that! Our group did the entire project wrong. I didn't realize this until the very end of the project last night when I went to format it all. So pretty much I went through and did the entire 33 page project by myself last night because there wasn't any time to get their input. I posted what I did on the discussion board so they could make any changes they wanted, but it was so much work. I felt so pressured to get it done. If we had done it right it should have only taken an hour. But no no, it took about three. Ah well. It's over now and I think we'll get an A on the project. So I guess it was worth it. Now I can put it in my portfolio for interviews and such. I developed an IEP for a special needs child all by myself. Pretty schnazzy. Not.

Jon and Andrea are thinking January 2009 for the wedding! They don't have an exact date yet. It will be whenever Jon has time off for Christmas. So exciting! I can't wait for their wedding. It will be so much fun! We weren't expecting it to be until next summer so this is so much better! I really do love that couple. Matt chose a good best friend in 8th grade.

My parents left for Mexico for two weeks this morning. So I won't have very much contact with them. The last time they were in Mexico I got engaged and had to figure out how to get a hold of them! My dad has a Mexican cell phone but it's so hard to get the call to go through and if it doesn't go through properly all the directions are in Spanish and I can't tell if I'm listening to a voicemail message of a recording or an operator or who! I don't think I'll have to call them though. Laura and Nate went with them this time. I hope they have a fun time. I know Laura will. I don't know if Nate is into the medical field, but he'll be with Laura so that will be fun.

I miss cheerleading in highschool. I miss my squad. I had a dream about all my girls last night. It was really weird and distorted, but we were all there! A squad again! I know, I'm a dork for missing highschool... but senior year sure was fun!

Oh yes, my future mother-in-law sent me a Valentine's Day present as well! A white hoodie with "Mrs. Iveson" in pink on the back! So stinkin adorable! Jamie got a "Mrs. Vandegriff" one at her bridal shower so I was hoping I'd get one sometime also! It is so perfect and so cozy! I'm probably going to wear it all the time! Mmmm. Mrs. Iveson. Yes, I definitely like the sounds of that!

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