Monday, February 11, 2008

It's official official! No more small talk and hasty words! We have our tickets to London! One week in the most amazing country on the planet! I am so excited! My parents go to Mexico at least three times a year not to mention my dads several business trips throughout the year, so they have racked up the frequent flier miles. They allowed us to use these to purchase out tickets! My mom wanted to upgrade us to first class... but we were lucky to get the seats we did! We are on the last available flight out on the 10th and we got the last two seats together! We will have to mosey around GR for a couple days before we leave for our honeymoon... but it will give us enough time to fully appreciate our hometown and say goodbye. Hopefully we'll be returning soon to stay for good! It will also give me enough time to chop my hair off before we leave for London. I wanted to have a new short style for the honeymoon pictures. I wasn't sure when I would accomplish this, but now I have plenty of time! I really want to chop my hair off now, but I'm still not positive how I want to do my hair. It's much easier to cut it later, rather than growing it out again. So we'll keep it long for now. But the day after the wedding, it's all gone. I am so excited! I have missed Britain immensely! Matthew and I are still thinking about moving there for a little while, we'll see how that goes. I would love it... but it would be so far from home.

I went with some girls to see P.S. I Love You in the dollar theatre here in Lynchburg. I love the dollar theatre. We have to wait a little while for the newer movies to come to it, but once they do the price is worth it. I really liked the movie. Ireland is almost as good as England. I cried throughout most of it. It's different watching movies like that once you've found the love of your life. I imagined what it would be like if I were to lose Matthew shortly after we were married. I would probably react the same way she did at first. I would sit in my home all by myself, not washing, not cleaning, not talking to anyone. Just being sad and lonely all by myself. I would probably allow certain visitors though. It wouldn't be a very good situation. I don't think I'd know what to do. I wouldn't be able to fall in love again for quite a long time, if ever. Surely not as quickly as she did. It was a good movie though. I approve. I'm not sure yet if I want to buy it when it comes out... but it was good for at least one watch through.

I had a horrible nightmare last night about the wedding. It was the day of the wedding and I had my dress on and my veil attached to the top of my head... but everything was all wrong! My hair wasn't done, my makeup wasn't perfect... guests were at the church when we were supposed to be doing the first rounds of pictures. I glanced into the sanctuary of the church and nothing was decorated... at all. Not even a little bit. We had never had our rehearsal so no one really knew what was expected of them. Matthew and I hadn't written our vows and therefore had nothing to promise to each other. We did not have video. The girls were no where around. I knew they were somewhere in the church but I could not find them. The grandparents were ready to be seated but I hadn't discussed with Matthew the proper order of the seating and how it is to be done (with grandmas on the arm and grandpas following behind). I couldn't go tell him because he can't see me before the ceremony... and I couldn't find anyone to go tell him for me. The music was all wrong, I'm not even sure if it was my quartet that was playing. It was someone random that I definitely did not hire. The flowers hadn't shown up quite yet. I couldn't find my dad to walk me down the aisle. Everything was a mess. I woke up in a panic. A literal panic. I was disturbed and aggravated and near tears. Thankfully, both of my roommates were sound asleep so if I made any noises while this dream occurred they didn't notice and they didn't see me sit up in a tizzy trying to figure out what was going on and where I was. It was a horrible terrible dream. And not the first I have had concerning a problem wedding. I suppose this is normal. And I figure they will just get weirder and more bizarre from here on out. I almost jumped out of bed (it was hours before I needed to wake) to make a new and improved to-do list for the wedding that included such menial tasks as informing Matthew of the proper order and process of walking grandparents and parents down the aisle at the start of ceremony (which I explained to him when I saw him later today). Yes, an interesting night indeed.

This past week has come and gone and I barely know what to do with myself. I was all a tizzy at the beginning with work overload. I had three tests to study for, two of which were on the same day. I had an article review to write as well as a 10 page book review on divorce. I had discussion questions to answer for my DLP course as well as compiling the information for our group's IEP project. I should never have signed on to be the group secretary. I thought the extra points it merits at the end of the course would be needed, but I haven't gotten anything under an A so far and it's midway through the course. So I'm not worried about it. But I suppose extra points are always lovely. So I managed. I did extremely well on all three of my tests. I have a good leads for my article and book reviews, which are not due until later this week. And everything for my DLP course is underway and in good standing. Pretty much, school is going well. I enjoy it even. My schedule is very nice and I am enjoying all of my courses. I wish I didn't have an early morning class, but what can you do? Life is all about waking up early. I want babies someday... they'll be up all night and all day. What can one do but accept it and drink lots of coffee?

I made a hasty decision the other day. I bought my Matthew a PlayStation 3 for Valentine's Day! It was to be his grooms present, but I figure he will get much more use out of it now than later. We'll use it for DVDs and Matthew will play games and maybe I'll join in sometimes... but he and his videogame-a-holic roommates could sure use another gaming system in their townhouse... *cough*. So I'll give it to him early. I'll find something else, and less expensive for his grooms gift. It was hasty... and it was a lot of money... but it will be worth it. He'll be so happy. I love it when he's happy.

I miss watching Gilmore Girls. My roommate last year, Laura, had seasons 1-4 of Gilmore Girls and we'd watch them all the time. I almost bought the entire show on DVD the other day. They were on sale, you see. But I have to save my money if I want to go the rest of this semester with no job. Someday I'll get them. Perhaps next year for Christmas. Maybe my Matthew will get them for me. A nice gift. I don't know why I like the show so much. I have my FRIENDS, and our 24, and some LOST... but something is missing. It is a hard thing, not having enough DVDs to watch. *wink* Naw, I watch far too many movies and television in my free time.

I've begun not eating after 8. It really truly does lose one weight! It's amazing. I've been working out again which is also helping I'm sure, but it's amazing how not eating after 8 can loosen ones pants. *wink* I am enjoying this whole weight loss thing. I want to get back to my cheerleading body. It will take a little more work, but I'm almost there. I haven't grown too much since sixth grade... but I could do with some firming up and some pound droppage. I have maintained the same weight since I was 12... so I'm not too worried about it. But every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day! I admit, I want everyone else in attendance on my big day to be jealous. To wish they looked as good, as radiant, as I. I even want everyone who sees pictures someday to be jealous of me. I know, I am vain, but it's a goal at least. Something to strive for.

I am almost a bride. Almost a married woman. Almost someone's wife! I am so excited! I love my Matthew. Love him.

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