Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I really like the month of February. I have just decided. Especially February in Lynchburg. Some light sweater days, some long sleeved T's days, some short sleeved T's days... like today. It's beautiful in February in Lynchburg. I took a long walk outside today around campus. It was beautiful. Just the right amount of breeze mixed with the perfect sunset. It was reminiscent of autumn. Which of course, is my most favorite season.

I have decided that going to the gym again would be good for my health. Both my physical and mental health. It keeps me alert and I feel so much better about myself. Last semester I went to the gym a grand total of 3 times. The semester before that I went like every other day. I was in pretty good shape by the end of the semester... then I got lazy. Laziness never pays. So I began getting back into the routine slowly. First I started with stretching. Stretching is always a good place to start. I lost a lot of my flexibility due to a minor injury in my thigh last semester. Not fun. And my straddle is actually quite pathetic now. But I'm working back to where I was. I also started doing my abs every day. Trying to get them like they were senior year of high school. They've already hardened real nice. By the wedding they'll be nice and firm and ready for my super amazing wedding dress! No, you can't see my abs through my wedding dress... of course... but it'll make me look slimmer. I started doing some arm weights in my room as well. And I renewed my love for jump rope. Good ole tennis conditioning! I used to jump rope for a half hour straight. It's amazing the weight you lose with a simple jump rope. It's more fun than running but burns twice the calories! Not even lying. But today, I went to the actual gym and did a real workout. Yes, my legs a slightly sore. I jogged/ran 4 miles then walked around campus for another half mile. The walk cramped my calves slightly. I just needed some stretching though. But it surely feels good to be working back up to par again! I feel better about myself, I'm starting to get toned again, and I'm starting to lose weight! I have a lot of goals to accomplish before June!

I'm also trying a new diet. For now it's pretty much just not eating after 8 each night. But it's progressing. I'm in a Nutrition class right now. It's interesting learning about all the crap I put into my body. Gross.

The only problem is, we've already have my dress altered... a lot... and if I get to the shape I want to be then we'll have to alter the dress again... and I don't think the seamstress would be too enthusiastic about that. But hey, we'll be paying for it so she shouldn't complain right? And making my dress smaller is never a bad thing. Makes me feel good about myself. We already had to take like 4 inches off the sides. So I feel pretty confident about the size now... but if it won't work it just won't work. Bummer. *wink*

I am so tired. My roommate kept me up until 3 am last night. And I had to wake up at 6. She types really loudly on her computer, I noticed it during the day but wouldn't ever say anything. But when I'm in bed trying to sleep... it's just too much. I had been in bed since 11:30 and I laid there trying to fall asleep that whole time. I put earphones in and turned my fan right by my head trying to drown out the sound... but it was no good. Finally I asked her if she could go in the hall. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she hates me. But oh well. If asking her to close and lock the door when she leaves, put a new trash bag in the trash can when she empties it, and asking her if she can go type in the hall when it's night time makes her hate me... then I can handle that. Her problem, not mine. I'm not here to make friends with everybody in the world. It's just a shame that I can't be friends with my roommates. I like my other roommate... but it's difficult because they're both Korean and they talk about me. Yes, I know that for a fact... one of them told me so. Yup. Not fun.

Wow, I'm tired. Ok. Night. Until hall meeting that is. I hate being tired and having to go spend time with 70 odd loud college girls who are excited about life. I love the girls... but it's so hard when they're awake all night and I'm in bed.

Lovies. Really and truly.

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