Sunday, February 03, 2008

I am almost married. It's just around the corner. February is already here and before I know it... May will be here and I will be graduating! That means it's crunch time for wedding! Oh dearie me. I'm almost married.

And I couldn't be more excited.

I have been planning our honeymoon out in my mind. Just certain things I want to be sure to get pictures of and things I have to remember to pack. Matthew had his heart set on London even though I told him Lake Michigan would be pretty spectacular! I love the idea of going to a quiet beach where we can go for morning walks and pick through seashells looking for petoskeys and having our own private little cottage for the week. It would have a homey feel since we'd still be in Michigan and I've pretty much grown up on Lake Michigan. Every summer when I was a kid we would rent a beach house. I don't know why we didn't just buy one. But we'd rent one and it was pretty much the most amazing thing ever. But no, Matthew has his heart set on London. So... to London we go! A honeymoon in Europe??? Yes, please! We've been deciding what to do since we only have a short time there and there is so much I'd love to do. If I had my way we'd spend a month there and travel Scotland again and add Ireland in there too. But London will be enough! I want to go see Oxford this time since we didn't get to last time. I want to go see a Broadway show, preferably The Phantom of the Opera but Wicked would do too. I mean, how much more British can you get than the Phantom? I want to go shopping in Notting Hill, well actually, I'd like to stay in Notting Hill if at all possible. I want to take some moonlit pictures of parliament and Big Ben and The London Eye. And we have to make a visit at the NEXT. My favorite British store. I hope it rains while we're there. Not the whole time, but at least for a couple of hours one day. It isn't Britain without the rain.

For the honeymoon I'm stealing back my favorite jeans jacket from my sister. Since I'm away at college both of my sisters feel it their right to raid my closet. They can't fit into everything, but a lot of my older tops fit them. For some reason when I was younger I went through a "buy things bigger than I am" phase. I bought a lot of Medium tops and size 8 shoes. Well, I'm definitely a XS and size 5. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. But anyways, I have to bring that jacket with me to England. That's what I wore for the majority of our first trip there. It has to make the return trip with me. It just wouldn't be the same without it. I wanted it back anyways though. It has so many memories.

I'm getting married. When I am leaving for my honeymoon my passport and driver's license will be incorrect. They will still say Rebecca Eileen Bonnell... but actually I will be Rebecca Eileen Iveson! How exciting is that? I much prefer it to be honest. Some brides have a hard time adjusting to their new last name and some don't even prefer it. I admit, I got lucky. There are some pretty horrible last names out there in the big world. But I will have no problem with the switch. I doubt I'll mess it up even once. I'm prepared to be an Iveson. I'm prepared to begin my life as a wife. I'm prepared to change my name with no reservations. I am so excited.

So this was a pretty nonsense entry... but I can't help it. I can't stop thinking about London. I am so excited to go back! I have missed it so! Originally in my college planning when I was in highschool... this year of my life was supposed to be spent at Oxford. I always thought that my junior year of college I would study abroad at Oxford... or possibly in York. That was before I met the love of my life and decided to graduate in three years instead of four. Technically I still could have gone over there for the year... but it would have been so much more stressful and that would be a lot of online studying. Not as fun. I am so glad I am going back. My heart belongs in London. We're still thinking about moving over there for a little while. We'll see where God takes us.

Right next to my computer on my desk is a ribbon board of Matt and Becca memories. I have two of his senior pictures on it, the first couple cards he gave me after we first started dating, various ticket stubs to concerts and movies, and London pamphlets, a small NEXT box, and entrance tickets to the tower of London and Westminster Abbey. I am SO excited to go back. I can hardly wait!

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