Saturday, January 05, 2008

My first bridal shower was today! Thrown by my sisters... but really by my mom as it was at her house! It was lovely. I was getting aggravated about it last night when they were still running around trying to organize things and get their game plan set... but it turned out extremely well! Both sides of my family were invited as well as my parents friends from Calvary Baptist. And yes, the last time we all got together was for my open house. It's monumental occasions like that to get us all together again since we're now spread all over the greater Grand Rapids area!

Yes, I got lots of goodies! A few of my favorite presents are the wall clock the Schermer's got for me, the Vera Bradley apron from my mother, my entire flatware set from my Aunt Pam, and this goes without saying, but my down alternative comforter and my new comfort sleep pillow. I wanted a down comforter until everyone complained about the loose feathers. I'm also highly allergic to feathers. Yes, I have about 4 down comforters/blankets already... but they're all really light and hold their feather very well. This new comforter is pretty much amazing and should be perfect for Virginia and Michigan weather! We'll be keeping that one for a long time.

It's always interesting to see how I've grown up a little each time events like this occur. At my open house I was a little more comfortable carrying on conversations with adults without my mother standing right by my side. Our Calvary Baptist friends I've known since I was a baby and they have been an important part of my life, but I'm still a little shy around them because I still feel like a little girl when I'm with them. My memories with them are from age 12 on down. So I still was a child. Today was quite enjoyable though. I had a good time talking with all of my guests and I didn't feel like anyone felt excluded. Everyone had met everyone else at least once and most of my family (on both sides) knows our CB friends so it really was like a big reunion! The only new face amongst the "gang" was my future mother-in-law. And she fits right in.

I learned some discouraging news about how Calvary Baptist the church itself has been handled. With a new head pastor, the church body has dwindled away. Most everyone I knew there has either switched congregations or been chased out (literally) by the new pastor. I won't go into detail, but at some points of the conversation about the direction the church is going I was almost brought to tears. The pastor is trying to sell Camp Calvary. How can you have Calvary Baptist without Camp Calvary? Summer camp there and family camp... it's such an integral part of the church. That was one place where I really felt like I was part of the church family. It was hard for me to get involved in the youth group activities because we lived farther away from the church, but I was always at summer camp and we went to family camp a few times as well. Camp Calvary is like a part of all or our hearts... that sounds cheesy, but so true. I feel like a large part of my life, in the whole church not just the camp, has been destroyed.

On a more cheerful note, Matthew received him graduation present today from his father! A new Honda Accord! By "new", I don't mean a drive off the parking lot put mile number 1 on the odometer, "new". But it is definitely new to Matthew and in excellent condition! It is the exact body style he wanted and has most of the features he had hoped for. We would have liked a sunroof, but he wasn't as into those as I am. In my next vehicle there will definitely be a sunroof. It is a light gold, champagne color which doesn't sound all that pretty... but it really is! I was surprised when I saw it. It's a great color. Good for him and good for me! So yay! I future Ivesons have a second good running vehicle!

I thank everyone who made this day so special for Matthew and I! I wish all my loved ones and friends could have been here to celebrate with me. But my mother would have had to make much more food and we would've needed a lot more space. That's what that special day in June is for! It's 5 months and 2 days away! So soon! I can hardly wait!

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