Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Jamie! In just a little under 5 months she will be my new and first sister-in-law! Yay!

Well, today was eventful but tomorrow will be even more so. Not a couple of restful last days home for me. Today my mom and I went to have my dress fitted again. I am now in love with my new dress and am so thankful we made the swap. The meltdown makes for a good story as well. So the dress is all fitted and my shoes finally came in! So we had the hem taken up and she's working on the bustle too. Seriously, beautiful dress! You'll see in 5 months. And... we found my veil! It's lovely too. Very different than what I thought I wanted, but I love it.

Tomorrow, I'm running around making some returns and exchanges, buying some last minute Michigan things before heading back, doing all my packing and hoping it will all fit in the car with Matt's stuff, hopefully spending some time with my love, and babysitting for the entire night. *Sigh* It will be alright though. Then the long drive "home" on Friday.

I'm excited to go back to school. I'm determined to finish out strong with the thought of being done with undergrad after this semester! It will fly by since the wedding will be right after graduation. I have to stay on target though. And I have to find a job. Isn't that how it always is? I was going to try to find a job in social services... but I think I want to work at PetsMart... if they have an opening. Completely different, I know, but it's the last time I'll probably have the opportunity to work with animals and such. I've always wanted to. I was jealous of Christy Miller when she got a job at her malls pet store... that was in like junior high. (she's a fictional book character by the way) So I think I should give it a shot!

Ok. Time to go finish up my laundry and begin packing up!

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