Friday, January 11, 2008

I should get used to late nights and early mornings. This semester I have my first and only 7:40 am class in my entire college career. I was SO close to getting out of college without one of those. And of course, it's the last class I need for my major and it's only offered at one time. That's ridiculous. I think freshman classes should fill up the 7:40 slots. That would be divine.

So I packed in record time, half an hour. That is right. And this may be the most stuff I've ever packed for a break from school in my life. A months worth of clothes and knick knacks that I brought with me... plus the majority of my wardrobe to be kept at school. Over Spring Break I'll be bringing back to school as much of my library as my car can fit. Yes, my roommates are probably going to hate me. I'm going to take up so much space! Ah well, I'll be moving into a lovely apartment in April... I can't sleep there... but my belongings will have a more permanent home!

I should be going to bed... and I will. Soon.

I bought a new laptop bag today. It pretty much is going to be my go-to bag for everything except a purse. I love it. It's Vera Bradley, all black and quilted, a vertical messenger, and has compartments for everything! It fits my laptop and a binder in the main compartment plus has more room in the back for folders and papers and such. Perfect. And I only had to pay 10$ for it! I exchanged some other Vera ware that were Christmas presents. I love exchanges.

Plus I got a new car battery today! My battery has conked out on me a few too many times and it was almost dead for good. So I thought it best to replace the old bat. And it's about time. My car has 74,000 miles on it and it was still on battery number one. Now my car shouldn't die on me in random parking lots where AAA can't make it for an hour and Matthew is nowhere to be found. No more stranded damsel for me!

Do you ever wonder why those "Bridge May Be Icy" signs exist? In the summer time they look ridiculous since there will obviously be no ice. And in the winter there is always snow covering the sign so it is illegible anyways. I noticed that as I drove over the bridge to get to my house. Silliness really.

Well, tomorrow will be the long drive "home". At least it will be with my Matthew.

Now I am exhausted. I ran around all afternoon then had to babysit all night... and now I have hastily packed and am going to bed for a few hours.


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