Thursday, January 24, 2008

I am babysitting tonight and tomorrow in the morning. I don't really want to tonight. I was asked if I could last night at 10:30. I didn't have any real big plans for tonight. I was going to go to the Spiritual Emphasis Week service, and read a chapter and half for my DLP class... but I suppose that all can wait until later. I could use the money seeing as how I'm currently deciding that I don't want to get an actual job this semester. So I'll be busy building trains in the basement and playing hide and go seek for 3 hours for the next two days. At least the pay is good. Better than most jobs around Lynchburg.

I've been scouting out some job possibilities for this summer and next year at Liberty. There are quite a few full time positions I'll be interested in. I'm not going to apply until after Spring Break, but at least it looks hopeful.

I'm so sick of living in my room. It is a good thing I did not grow up in Korea. I just don't get along with Koreans very well. It's nothing really big. It's not like we hate each other or anything... but both of my roommates are just a little inconsiderate. They stay up late and wake up early and have the lights on at all times. They bang the drawers and leave the door open at all times. They talk in raised voices most of the time... not in ordinary speaking voices, but in raised voices- yes, this includes when I am sleeping. And they jabber away in Korean all the time. Which wouldn't be that big of a deal except I don't understand why they come to America just to speak Korean. They wonder why their English hasn't improved. They are very good English speakers... but they have trouble understanding a lot of English. So it makes for difficult communications. If I keep counting down until the wedding it should make the time go faster. It's already almost February... kind of. Another whole week, but then it will be February and that much closer to wedding... and that much closer to moving into my own place... which means that much closer to getting out of this room forever and never having to live with Korean international students again.

I'm taking an Exceptional Child class, my DLP course. It is difficult being online, but so informative! I always thought I wanted a handicapped or disabled child, but now I'm not so sure. It is so much work! Everyone knows it's a lot of work but there are a lot of little details I never thought about before. If God gave me a disable of handicapped child I would feel very blessed. God would be entrusting this child to me and He w0uld know that I could handle it and care for the child. But I'm not all about having one anymore. If I am blessed with one that is one thing, but I'm not going to praying it into being anymore.

This is a minor thing, but I bought stamps for my wedding invitations the other day! I found the cutest summer ones. I was thinking about waiting until Valentine's Day to get some lovey-dovey ones, but I liked these. Now all I need is for some postcard stamps to come out that are pretty. (for the RSVPs)

I was supposed to be taking a hour and a half nap right now. But my roommate wouldn't let that happen. She saw me coming back in to our room. She went to take a shower. When she came back she saw me in my bed and she turned the main light on. Not that she needed it. She isn't studying or reading or anything. She is just playing on her computer. She should be in class right now too. I know she has a class at this time. Ah well. No nap for Becca. Just a long day. Again.

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