Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy 37 month to Matthew and me! No, we don't really still count... but I always know. And the 20th is always a special day. Even though it's ridiculous to keep count, I can't help it. Anniversaries are anniversaries! I'll probably do this until our first wedding anniversary. Just habit. And after that I'll still smile when it's the 20th. Just a special special day.

So there are a lot of little details involved in planning a wedding. And I'm loving every minute of it! Well, not every every minute, but most minutes! The good first, I can't stop looking at the pictures of my dress and veil! For my last fitting I wore the earrings and the necklace I'll be wearing for the wedding and styled my hair the way I'm thinking I'll wear it right now... unless I decide on a fancy smancy updo... so I looked pretty much like how I'll look in June! And let me tell you, I looked pretty fine, if I do say so myself! Something about wearing a wedding dress and veil just makes a girl feel so beautiful. Really, it must be the dress. And my mom is putting the bridesmaids dresses in the mail tomorrow for Kristin and Savannah! I just know these are going to be the ones. We have to alter them drastically because they only had larger sizes... but I know the seamstress will be able to work it out. And it all look so wonderful together! I've been modeling our invitations and I think I have them almost complete and ready to order! I just need to have our final final guest list and them with one click of the mouse! I found the perfect invitations in a catalog in the mail... and they're just the right price! I am so thrilled. I've been designing the ceremony programs as well. I'll be making them myself. Super super cute, unique, and pretty much the most amazing things ever! I'm so excited to begin printing them, cutting them, and assembling them! I'm so excited. This may be one of my favorite things in the wedding! Name cards will be difficult. On my RSVP cards it doesn't say to list all the names of guests. So we'll see how many people give me all the names of those who are attending. I'll just have to do my best.

In a little over 4 months I'll be Mrs. Matthew Steven Iveson! *gasp* So excited. A lot of people my age aren't ready for marriage yet, even if they are in a serious relationship. But I feel very ready. I've learned a lot from couples I've been engaging with, plus premarital counseling is a gift from God. Very very literally. A lot of my classes at Liberty have been preparing me for marriage as well. Liberty emphasizes finding your spouse while you're here. So many wonderful Christian male and females to choose from... oh Jerry, how I miss him! So a lot of my classes emphasize the importance of a godly marriage imaged after Christ and the church. I've received a lot of wonderful relationship and marriage books by Christian and secular authors. Books don't prepare you for life as well as life itself of course, but it has helped me see a lot of things about men that I never realized. One of the best is Love and Respect. My sister and her family got me that for Christmas. I learned about this book from my Psychology of Marriage and Family class. I actually took that class with Matt. Very beneficial. So many good books to read. I'm reading a book on divorce for one of my classes this semester. It is very beneficial as well. I've been doing so much reading this year. I wish I had more time for classics... but that will come after the wedding and after graduate school. So in another year and a half I'll be all set to begin Shakespeare! The complete collection!

FRIENDS really save my life. I think I would die of boredom otherwise. When I'm sitting alone in my room, well, not alone... one or both of my roommmates is usually in the room also... unfortunately, and all my homework is done and I've already gone to the gym and Matt is playing videogames and my friends are in some leadership meeting... I have nothing to do but watch FRIENDS. And it never gets old. I've seen every season multiple multiple times and I still love each and every episode! I always find new things to laugh at! I'm thinking I want to expand my TV show library. I'll be aiming after Gilmore Girls next. After living with Laura all last year... I miss being able to pop in an episode or two of Gilmore Girls when I've had enough FRIENDS for one day. I've watched 3 discs of FRIENDS in one sitting before. Often I need a break for something a little different. After I get all the Gilmore Girls, I'll get the rest of LOST. It'll be nice when we have Matt's 24 seasons as well for some variety. And then, I want Boy Meets World! Classic!

I bought 3 new pairs of jeans at The Gap the other day. How wonderful is that? Yay! I love new jeans! And they were all really cheap because they're having a huge end of winter sale! Yay! I don't really NEED new jeans, but a lot of my jeans are beginning to have a little too much wear and tear. I've had most of them since highschool. But these new jeans fit perfectly well. I am so happy!

I have been rambling. I am very tired. I might go to bed early tonight. But I have another hour or two before bed time! Good night.

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