Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hello blogger world!

Time goes by so quickly. It is almost February! It seems like I just got back to school. But it is already week 3 in my DLP course. It's almost halfway over. And when it is over... then it's halfway through my last semester of my undergrad career! Scary. And that makes it all the more close to the wedding. Exciting.

I am about to order my wedding invitations! I mailed out my Save-the-Dates this morning, so our guests should be receiving them by the end of the week. That makes it official! We're throwing the biggest party of the year in June! You should come. It'll be fun! So as soon as I get the go ahead from the parents... I'm ordering the invites. They're just going over the wording. I like it. It incorporate the classic wedding jargon with our faith and honors our parents. Everything I would want in an invite. Giving a good picture of what our wedding day will be.

I've decided to chop my hair in between the wedding and our honeymoon flight. I just won't be able to stand my long hair another second! I hope I make it to the wedding! I'm not sure if I'll actually like the short hair... but I need a change. I've had long hair since I've been in college... and it's definitely time for a change. I liked the short hair the last time I cut it... senior year of high school. Wow. It's definitely time for a chop. Matthew agrees. Even if we decide we hate the actual cut, it will be a nice change.

Tomorrow we're going to check out our hopeful new apartment! Yay! So exciting. I kind of wish we were going to live in an actual development with other tenants our age, but having the privacy will be wonderful. It will also be all the more homey since it's a house! It will also make me all the more excited to own my own home someday! Not for 3 more years. Not until Matthew is done with grad school.

I have been so exhausted lately. I don't know why. Maybe I haven't been exercising enough. I have been rather lazy. Well, as soon as I get my waters from my trunk to my room I'll go again. Yes, that is how lazy I am. I haven't even brought my waters in front the car yet.

Everything is wonderful. Life is good. Beautiful.

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