Sunday, January 27, 2008

Apartments... good movies... and grocery shopping hungry

Good news! Matthew and I may very well have found our first home together! After I was done babysitting I sat and talked with the parents of the girls for awhile. Dean and Kathy are two of my role models. I did not really realize it until the other night. We talked a lot about marriage and what to expect. They have had such a strong marriage and they have built their family completely around the Lord and serving Him and others through Him. I am so blessed to have come in contact with them. So we were talking and Kathy brought up where Matthew and I are going to be living next year. We haven't had the best of luck with the apartment search. She suddenly realized that she has a friend who used to let out their basement apartment to Liberty students! They have ceased doing so for the past couple of years due to their young children. They were thinking about beginning to lease it again since their girls are entering preschool and elementary school. Kathy called over there and got all the information on the apartment for me. She gave me a great recommendation which as definitely helped and I'd also be willing to babysit for the family. She called me back the next day to relay all the information for me. The basement apartment has it's own entrance from the outside so we would not be disturbing the family upstairs and vice versa. It is a two bedroom apartment with one bathroom. There is a living room and a kitchen as well. We would be allowed to use the families washer and dryer at no cost. Water and trash are included in rent. Here is the best part... the rent is what we were expecting to pay for a one bedroom apartment! Perfect for our budget! I really wanted a two bedroom apartment for the storage space and to use for my office since I'll also be doing graduate studies while working. I haven't seen the apartment yet, but Kathy's sister lived there when she was first married. She says it was a lovely apartment then. Since it is part of the families own house I figure they would have kept it up really well. I am so excited! It is only two blocks from the hospital Matthew works at which also isn't too far from Liberty where I'll hopefully be working. It's perfect. Th family also has a small dog, so we think they'll be ok with us getting kittens if we choose! I can't wait to go see the apartment. I'm pretty sure that even if it doesn't look so great, we'll take it. The extra space will be wonderful and we'll be able to decorate.

Second, good movies. Matthew and I have been trying to find some movies to buy. The two we want are no where to be found since they aren't widely watched. But we look all the same. We did find a buy two get two free deal on used DVDs at Gamestop though! Wonderful. I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I got four movies for 12$. I got Legally Blonde (I already have the second one and have been hoping to get the first), Batman Begins (always a good one and we'll be needing it in a few months when the new one is coming out), Big Fish (I love Ewan), and X2 (I actually liked these movies more than Matthew!). I have watched three of the four already and I just saw Batman on TV so I won't be watching that for at least another week. Now my DVD collection has filled my drawer to the brim. That's a lot of DVDs is you know my drawer! And some of them are still at home. We're going to have to find a nice big DVD case once we're decorating. With Matthew and my collection... eek. I'm glad we're cinema friendly.

And grocery store shopping while hungry. Oh dear. I spent way too much money. Mi madre won't be too happy with that. But it's all good and healthy. I have a renewed love for pb&j! While babysitting I ate a sandwich for lunch. Yum. I had forgotten how amazing they are! ANd not too bad on the health front either. Good for my diet. Or something.

But I am mostly excited about the apartment. Hopefully this week we'll be able to go visit and take some pictures.

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