Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First official day of my last semester of undergrad! The semester actually started yesterday, but I have no classes on MWF. I have my first 7:40 class in my whole career... and it actually isn't too bad. Waking up early in the day makes me feel kind of grown up! Ridiculous, I know. But I feel as though I have all this extra time in between classes to get life accomplished. I'm used to sleeping in until around 10 before class and now I have my first break at 10! So nice. I thought I'd be napping right about now, but I'm alert and alive.

My classes will be harder this semester than I originally thought, but it should be alright. I'll be able to handle it if I just stay on target. I wanted a group project in my first class that's in just three weeks, but some other girls jumped in and stole that whole group. Literally, I was in line first and the leader of the pack pushed me out of the way and took all the slots in the group. The good news, my group doesn't present by until the end of the semester. So by then my DLP course will be over and most of my other major assignments will be finished. I'll only have finals to study for. Not too difficult.

Not very many places in Lynchburg are currently hiring. Everywhere is letting their seasonal employees go with no new openings. So I might be jobless for a little while. It will be ok if I spend my money wisely until I can find a new job. I could, if need be, go back to J.Crew... and I actually liked it towards the end there. The only problem is that I would have three weeks of training on the new system when it's operational in March when I have major assignments due and when my DLP course is finishing up. Busy time of year. So at all costs, I'd like to be able to skip out on that option.

Matthew got me beautiful roses for the start of the semester. They sit proudly on my desk in my new and improved vase! These are probably the most beautiful roses he's ever gotten me! One of them has bloomed and is now gorgeous! I love roses. Lots of other girls would rather have lilies or daisies or tulips or some other forms of flowers... but I love roses! So beautiful and fragrant! And the petals looks so beautiful dried! I have all the petals dried in a box that Matt has ever gotten me! The only bouquet that wasn't saved is the very first one he got me for my high school graduation. The flowers were coral daisies that matched my dress exactly. My sister accidentally threw them away. I was so distraught. I think I might have found a dried daisy from that bouquet when I was clearing out my room! Yay! Happiness is found in the littlest things.

I bought Vanity Fair just because the cover is a spread of the new Indy movie! So so so excited! Harrison Ford has never looked better! Of course, he was awfully fine in the originals and of course as Han Solo! He did a pretty amazing job as President of the United States. Ok, so Harrison Ford is pretty much the most amazing actor ever in the history of life!

So far, a great start to the semester.

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