Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Just Say No To Being a Frumpy-Dump Mommy

I was recently told by a friend, "[Insert name] and I were talking, and we decided that we want to do pregnancy and motherhood like you and not [insert second name]." She had been talking with one of our mutual friends and was comparing myself and another mutual friend. Both of us are new mothers. Throughout my pregnancy I was so thankful to be pregnant. I was so incredibly happy. I mainly bought regular clothes in a size up from my normal size so that I would still be stylish- but I was able to find some cute maternity clothes! Now, as a new mother, I still try to look put together, even if I'm just sitting around the house with the baby all day. There's just something about looking nice that helps you feel nice.

My outfit today.

This isn't the best picture. I no longer have a full length mirror since it is packed in storage. So the bathroom mirror will have to do. I recently got an iPhone 5 (woot woot) and I'm still getting used to it. 

The picture doesn't do my shirt justice. Here's  closer view of my shirt and belt. You still can't see the colors right or the detail.  

All of the items I am wearing are relatively new. The jeans are from my birthday in August, the belt is a couple weeks old, and the shirt and sweater are first time wears. When I shop I have begun to classify the clothes I look at. I am now too old to fit into the "college student" group. So those clothes are mostly out. There are also some clothes that are "too mommy-ish" for me. While I am very proud to be a Mommy, I still want to be a young person too. When I shop I try to find clothes that fit into the dressy casual grouping. Plus, this helps me look my age, since there are times when people still think I'm in my teens. 

I have been learning about accessorizing and have been finding and putting to good use belts and necklaces. Layering was always tricky for me and I am learning about that as well. 

Outfit breakdown:
Cardigan: Gap
Shirt: Banana Republic (from Goodwill)
Belt: J. Crew
Jeans: Gap

I am loving the weather in Michigan! I am able to wear long sleeves, which is my favorite. In Virginia I was still in tank tops many days. So glad we are having an actual fall and will have a harsher winter (compared to VA) to look forward to.