Saturday, August 04, 2012

Goodbye Kittens

Well, we are no longer pet owners. Today, someone came by to pick up the cats.

This picture is good when it's larger, but you can't see Emily very well. We loved both of our kitties, but it was time for them to find a new home. With us entering the Army and moving around for the next couple decades it wouldn't be fair to them. We also haven't had as much time to pet them since Jackson was born. They were beginning to get sad and kinda cranky. 

I posted ads for them on Craigslist and in my office. Someone responded to Craigslist. They seem like a nice little family who will spend lots of time petting and pampering the cats. 

Their new owners and I have been texting a bit today. Emily has been hissing at Max. I think she is scared of being in a new environment and taking it out on Max. Thankfully, she has been nice to her new owners, including their little boy. We're giving her a little longer to mellow out once she gets acquainted with her new home. If she continues to be mean to Max then we'll take her back and continue to try to find her a new home. 

I know that posting pets on Craigslist is risky, but we did charge a rehoming fee to try to ensure the cats' safety. This family seems like a nice family so we're not worried about it. We're just praying that Emily will calm down and be a nice kitty for them. Either way, they love Max. They really like Emily but don't want the cats constantly fighting. 

It's sad, but it was time. I surprisingly haven't cried and am feeling pretty positive about the whole situation. I did get teary eyed right when they left, but we kept ourselves busy all afternoon with errands. We found some adorable clothes for Jackson and a new pair of shoes since he's growing! When we got home my birthday jeans we exchanged and my replacement season 2 of Grey's Anatomy were waiting! That sure helps. 

Plus... we can now leave all the doors open! We kept them all closed so the cats wouldn't ruin anything or get too comfortable in Jackson's crib. It's nice leaving them open and being able to go to and for fro for diaper changes etc.