Monday, August 06, 2012

A New Week

So... it is day two without the kitties. So far we're doing exceptionally well! It is honestly a very freeing feeling not having the cats around. We don't have to close the doors to bedrooms. We don't have to clean the litter or worry about feeding them. We don't have to bat them away wile we're eating (since they always want scraps). We don't have to worry about them running out the door when we're coming home or going out. I plan to go through and deep clean the areas they inhabited (vacuum and clorox-ing the litter areas). Our house will probably look and smell much cleaner minus their fur and litter.

On the other hand, I do miss their snuggliness. Thankfully, my baby is a cuddle bug. Of course, baby trumps animals any day. If we would have rehomed the cats before we had a baby that probably wouldn't have been a good situation. I would be very sad and probably cry a lot. Ever since we had Jackson I've felt much less connected to the cats in general. Their new home will give them lots of attention and love.

Yesterday their new owner texted me letting me know that the cats were doing much better than Saturday. Here's hoping that they calm down, settle in, and that Emily doesn't have any accidents.

In other news: My fitness goals are kind of a joke. Maybe I shouldn't make goals for every day in a month. It just isn't feasible with a baby unless I actually go to the gym. So, for no I'm canceling my August fitness goal of doing abs every day. I have been able to do them this month... but every day just isn't going to work. Once I am done working (which won't be until 2013) we will see if I can get into a schedule of working out. Then I'll be able to take Jack to the YMCA child care while I exercise. Now though, come 5 o'clock I'm just ready to get home to my baby. I try to do abs once baby goes to sleep, but inevitably he squirms once I begin and he wants to be held. Of course, I have to pick him up and snuggle him.

Life with a baby is very different than life without one... but I so enjoy life with a baby much much more. He is so fulfilling. I don't really miss the freedoms I've given up. I do wish we could go see Batman... but it actually works out well since we shouldn't spend the money on a regular movie theater ticket now. So... baby helps us save money!

Baby's 19 Week post coming.