Sunday, August 26, 2012

5 Months!

Jackson Matthew is 5 Months old today! That means he's almost half a year old! Good grief! I watched through some videos of when he was a newborn. He was so small and scrawny. What a sweetie. It has been so incredible to watch him grow both physically and mentally. I have begun to notice how heavy he is... as in it's no longer easy to hold him on my hip while we walk around the grocery store! I can, but it does take effort! He's such a snuggle bug--- always wanting to be held. Mommy certainly doesn't mind snuggles, but it does make it difficult when he's heavy now and longer than my torso. But I'll take all the snuggles I can get!

Jackson has always been photogenic. He has such an amazing complexion and beautiful smile. He generally does very well when I want to take him picture, but this morning he was a little fussy. We woke up earlier than normal for a Sunday because we originally had a family photo shoot scheduled. It was raining so we canceled that but still went to the earlier service at church. Jackson wishes he could have slept in a little longer, but he still was a champ for the nursery!

I just love his little face. He is so funny sometimes. His smile warms my heart every single time. I just know he's going to be a little hoot when he gains a sense of humor. He already laughs at a lot of silly things. 

I still haven't begun to feel anywhere near as exhausted as I expected motherhood to be. I don't know if I'm just blessed or if I stockpiled sleep prior to him being born. Throughout college I learned to love naps. As in... a couple hour long naps! I valued my sleep. Maybe all that extra sleep helped me with the middle of the night wakeup calls. While I do miss sleeping through the night in one go, it is so rewarding to be able to spend those middle of the night feedings with Jack.

I think Jack has inherited both his Daddy's and my intellect. Both Daddy and Mommy enjoy learning and school came relatively easily for us. Jackson is so bright already. It is amazing to watch him figure out his toys and try new things with them. I'll give more details tomorrow in his weekly post, but he is such a smart little baby. He makes his Momma very proud!

My internet keeps cutting in and out. So I will write more about this amazing little boy tomorrow for his weekly post. 

The past five months I have learned so much about myself, about love, and about humanity. It is incredible that so many people have gone through pregnancy, birth, and parenthood and still do not believe there is a God. I am so thankful that there is a God and that He loves my son.