Monday, August 27, 2012

22 Weeks

Just look at my little booger! He is now 22 Weeks old. He is just so incredibly happy and he makes parenthood so easy. I am truly blessed.

He has been sleeping well. He typically only have one feeding in the middle of the night. That makes for a better rested Mommy. I eagerly await the day he sleeps through the entire night. He has gone in 6 hour chunks a couple times this week... so that's pretty close! Once we get to Michigan I plan to buy him a baby food maker so we can begin trying some solids. Hopefully that will keep him full through the night. I have begun using his sea horsey at bedtime. He loves it! He loves to look at the light on his tummy, suck on his cheeks, nose, and ears, and listen to the music. It lulls him to sleep every time. When he begins to stir I push the tummy and he settles down again.

He has begun to sleep in some funny positions. I came home one day and saw this. He was lying flat on the bed with his feet propped up by the boppy. Sometimes when he fusses we try all sorts of weird things to get him to stop. Apparently he just wanted his feet elevated. Since then he has taken many a nap like this. Hey, if it works, right? He also was getting over a cold so he had a lot of boogies. We propped him up on pillows when he was napping, which seemed to help him breathe. He HATES the boogey bulb. He would push it away every time I put it near his face and cry when I would suction out his boogies. Sad, but Mommy just didn't like the idea of him falling asleep when I could hear him all congested.

Jackson got a new toy this week! Mommy has been selling a lot of things we don't want to move. With some of that money she bought him a jumperoo! I liked this one because it folds down and fits under a bed when we're not using it. I don't think we'll fold it down until he outgrows it though... which shouldn't be for a long time since it adjusts to grow with him. He loved all the toys around the jumperoo and when he showed him how to jump he got the biggest smile on his face. He hasn't quite figured out how to jump on his own yet, but he does shake when we stop jumping him- showing he wants to keep jumping!

Jackson also has been saying "Mama". I don't know if he can associate it with me yet. He has said ti very distinctly a couple times but mostly says, "Muuuuuum Maaaaa". It still warms my heart even if he is just babbling. It seems to be his new favorite word, though. He also loves to say, "Ahhhhhhh!" He'll sit there and just "Ahhhhh" over and over again. Not fussing, just talking.

He is just getting so big and strong! He sat in the shopping cart seat when we went to the store! I propped him up with my purse on one side and the Moby wrap on the other. He loved it! When we would bounce on the tiles in the store he would get a big smile. I haven't had time to buy a cover for the seat yet, but I will and we'll begin using that instead of his carseat when we go shopping. Such a big boy!

He also has been practicing standing with his  Daddy. He locks his knees and can stand with minimal support. Before I know it he'll be pulling himself up on tables or the couch. Sigh. He also has been working hard to push himself up onto his knees when he's on his tummy. He can get on his knees with his rear in the air and his face on the ground. He hasn't figured out how to have both his hands and knees propped under him yet. He's working so hard though! He also does baby push ups. Daddy is so proud of his little man with his strong push ups! I was doing my makeup one day and saw in the mirror Jack's little head pop up over the edge of the pack n play! He was pushing himself up that high from his tummy. Strong baby!

His new favorite thing is grabbing his feet. He also slaps him right arm up and down against his side. Silly baby. It's funny because I've begun to notice that his feet smell! Unfortunately, he gets that from his Mommy. Oh well, I'm sorry, baby.

Jackson is so much fun. It is hard to get work done around the house with him. I just want to snuggle him and play with him! He is so silly. Above you can see his constant "Muuuuum" face. I showed that picture to Matt and asked, "Do you know what sound he's making?"

I call this picture the "Stink eye". He was making some funny faces while I was taking pictures and he seriously looked like he was giving me the stink eye! Baby! Don't you know that your Mommy loves you? No stink eyes needed!

He just is so fun and so lovable. While I am not excited that Daddy will be leaving us for Basic Training, I am very excited that Grammy and Papa Bonnell will get to spend so much time with him. They will get to love on him and he'll get to bond with them.