Monday, August 20, 2012

21 Weeks

Happy 21 Weeks, baby! He is getting so big. Baby had his first cold this week. He does not like the boogey bulb, but oh, it makes him breathe so much better! He is still getting over the cold (and he gave it to Mommy) so today was a nakey day! He just happened to be in Mommy's favorite diaper when it was picture time! 

This week baby has been busy busy busy! He has been practicing standing with Daddy. He locks his knees and does a pretty good job holding himself up. He usually stands for a couple seconds then crumbles to a kneeling position. His core is strong as he doesn't like to be laid down so he holds himself off the ground when we're leaning him back. Strong baby- makes Daddy proud!

We've also been working on propping himself up on all fours. He's beginning to figure out that he can get up on his knees! Like so many babies before him, that little bum goes up in the air and his front goes down into the ground. He's getting stronger though! 

This is what makes motherhood so incredibly worthwhile. He brings so much joy to our lives and he has so much joy inside of him. That smile truly says it all. What a little stinker!

This week baby also discovered his feet. He's taken to staring at them and grabbing them whenever he has the chance. He can't bring them to his mouth and we're wondering if it might have something to do with his cloth diapers? He's still super flexible. He reminds me a lot of a cat chasing it's tail. He'll watch his toes move and then try to grab them! 

He has been playing with a variety of toys. We brought out some other toys from his collection to try out. He loves his bumpy ball! He can chew on the different edges and it rattles too. Since it's so soft he can squish it with his hands. He also loves this teether toy my friend, Danielle, got him. When you bite on it the center vibrates. He loves chewing on things so we gave him this. He has a very good bite (our poor fingers!) so after a couple times he got the point of the toy and now loves it! 

Jackson has also been working on making new friends. When we go to the nursery at church all the helpers love playing with him. He has such a bright smile and loves being around people. We hope he continues to have a secure attachment to us. Even when we go away, we hope he knows that we'll always come back. He also re-made friends with Savannah! He met Savannah right after he was born, but then she went away for her summer jobs. She just got back in town and he's smitten! 

Feeding has still be going well. No solids yet. We still haven't bothered with a schedule. He'll let us know when he's hungry. Sometimes he'll eat 1 oz. every hour, other times he'll eat 4 oz. every 4 hours. When we nurse it's pretty consistently every 2-3 hours. 

He is still sleeping at the food my bed. Honestly, he often is next to me in bed. All blankets and pillows are pushed away from him. He likes to sleep on his tummy, which I hear is a big no-no. At this point he moves his head when he's uncomfortable so I feel like he would move himself if he couldn't breathe. We don't put him near anything that would "trap" him, so I feel he is completely safe. He has had to have one diaper change at night the past week. It's normally around 4-5 am, so that could count at the morning, but the alarm doesn't go off until 6 am. So it feels like a pain to have to get up and change his diaper. I may order some doublers for his diapers for night time. Hopefully that will help. He does have some interesting sleeping positions when he naps. 

This picture was how I came home to find him one day. Propped with the boppy but over and under it! He was sleeping, but when I turned on the camera his eyes popped open and he looked right at me. Nothing like coming from from work and being greeted with recognition from your baby! 

Jackson still loves to sleep on people. Daddy and he are getting in all the snuggles they can before Daddy leaves for Basic Training on September 4. This was their Sunday afternoon nap after church and lunch. 

We are so proud of Daddy and we're excited that he's able to begin BCT sooner. This means Mommy gets to quit work sooner and we all will be together as a family sooner. Baby loves his Daddy snuggles though. I worry how he will do once Matt is gone. There are definite times when he wants me or he wants Daddy. What will he do when he can only have me? We plan to make videos of Matt reading Jack's books and just talking to Jack. Hopefully those will help. 

Matt is such an amazing Daddy. It isn't every man who could be a stay at home Dad at do it well. He plays with Jack and Jack has truly been thriving. I am so so blessed to have him as my parenting partner and husband. I am so thankful he is the head of our house. 

Jackson continues to be such a happy baby. He is learning and growing and I cannot even believe he is my son sometimes. He is absolutely perfect!